Our Global Tribe Is the Giving Tribe

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber on Thursday, August 10, 2017

It hit me on the basketball court this morning. Our global tribe is the giving tribe.

This was an epiphany for me after several interactions this morning - two positive, two negative.

First, I had a 3:30am call (US Pacific), 5pm in Myanmar, with our new Executive Director of Global Chamber Myanmar. Vicky talked about all the connections she has and how she is driven to connect them to benefit their business and the community. YES - that is what we do!! Giving!

Then still this morning I was working on an event we're doing with Polsinelli law firm on September 12th and I was thinking about Mike Patterson, shareholder, and how he always is GIVING to others. He has never wavered in his support of Global Chamber, and so all of us are of course driven to support Mike and his team right back. Giving creates more giving.

That's Mike Patterson with one of the world's richest men Carlos Slim. There's a giving story related to that picture, and that will need to be saved for another day.

Contrast those giving examples with a couple takers that I thought of in contrast. First there was another law firm that I had helped outside Global Chamber, but when regarding membership, they said no because there are other law firms. They wanted to be the ONLY one. But it's NOT about any one resource here - it's about the global tribe, and our members understand that, and they are not threatened by others. They enjoy being part of a professionally competent ecosystem.

One more 'taker' example hit me - an organization that didn't want us to post their events on our calendar because people might think that they were Global Chamber events, even though they were clearly marked as their events, and had links to their site. The logic behind that is so disturbing, I'm not sure where to start. By the way - that organization went out of business soon after that. Any wonder why? Become a member and I'll tell you what it was!

GIVERS. GOOD. Givers are the life source of our global tribe. They give and they get.

Givers thrive on knowing ALL the resources, people and ideas that will move business forward. That's Global Chamber. We're not a private, exclusive club where we shelter a privileged few to get a few leads or resources. We are open and out there - transparent and GIVING. We live to give.

And that means that in some cities like Phoenix we have a dozen law firms as members and sponsors. Givers are comfortable with that scenario because they know they're good and that we'll get them in front of the right companies for them.

Our member law firms like that, and the exporters, importers and investors really like that!!

Givers... thank you for being part of the global tribe.

And Mike, a special thank you for all your support, always.




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