Marco Gomez Member Success in Lima, Peru

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Friday, August 11, 2017

Marco Gomez-Barrios is Executive Director of Global Chamber® Lima, Perú. We recently spoke to him about the Lima chapter and what was behind his joining Global Chamber®.

“I am a person that thrives on working in an international environment, who loves to connect with people of different backgrounds and to learn about other cultures and businesses," said Marco.

He also expressed how Global Chamber® can help him help other companies in Lima and help Perú as a country.

“I wish to help Peruvian companies grow globally and to attract foreign investors to Perú. With presence in so many different countries and metro areas and constantly growing, Global Chamber® offers the opportunity to do that every hour of every day.”

Marco has most recently been involved in materials for construction, and the very first member in Lima is a company that he knows that supplies services to that industry, Securitas Perú. Marco is well connected across the country and is highly motivated to help members grow to and from Peru.

"Securitas is one of the largest companies in the world providing protective services to a variety of industries. They are present in more than 50 countries in 5 continents. They are truly a Global company and we are very proud to have them as the first company to enroll as a member in Global Chamber® Lima."

More on Marco Gomez-Barrios

Marco Gomez-Barrios was recently the President and CEO of Drake Cement and CEO of Drake Materials, both companies based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Gomez-Barrios became involved with the cement industry immediately after graduating with a degree in Chemistry from the Catholic University in his native Lima, Peru. He worked for six years for ARPL, where he managed the Research Laboratory.

In 1987 he went back to School and in 1991 he got a PhD degree in Chemistry at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and immediately after graduation he joined the Research Center at Nalco Chemical Company, in Sugar Land, Texas. During this time, he also attended an Executive Program for Growing Companies at the Stanford School of Business. In 1994 he went back to Peru to start an environmental consulting firm in partnership with Walsh Environmental from Boulder Colorado. This company went on to become the largest and most prestigious environmental firm in Peru.  He also founded a Waste Management company and another company specializing in the sales of high tech laboratory and air quality monitoring equipment. During 2006 he attended the Executive Program at Universidad de Piura.

Dr. Gomez-Barrios currently serves on the board of Walsh Peru S.A. and is the founder and President of Arizona Engineered Fuel, LLC. Until recently he also served on the boards of Drake Cement, Drake Materials, Skanon Investments, Staten Island Terminal, Portland Cement Association, Arizona Rock Products Association, Green Care S. A, Forza S.A. and the Asociación Atocongo. He was President of the Peruvian Association of Laboratories Certified in Quality Systems. He is co-author of several papers published in scientific journals.


Are you a member seeking to grow in Perú or a company in Lima looking to join the global tribe?

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Kirsten Miles on September 1, 2018 at 1:27:14 pm said:
Good afternoon! My Executive MBA team from Kennesaw State University is looking to gain corporate sponsors for a Peruvian non-profit Aldeas Infantiles SOS Peru. Do you have any suggestions on how to approach Peruvian or global companies for this effort? Thanks!