Nobuo Yoneyama and Member Success in Toyko, Japan

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

We spoke to Nobuo Yoneyama about Global Chamber® Tokyo, Japan, what inspired him to join Global Chamber® and member successes.

“I met Doug more than two years ago in the US," said Nobuo. "I represented business opportunities was a part of Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki's delegation for "Walk in US, Talk on Japan", a government sponsored grass-roots exchange program. Doug and the team at Global Chamber® hosted our visit. At the time I talked about Japanese SME's activities and Doug later contacted me to further explain the concept of Global Chamber® and asked me to represent Tokyo Chapter as Executive Director. I was pleased to accept because Global Chamber advances the success of SMEs and business overall."

Nobuo told us about a some exciting success stories. For instance, Nobuo has hosted members of Global Chamber® from all over the world as they look to make headway in the Japanese market. One such group of companies from Global Chamber® Albuquerque were given on-the-ground advice and warm connections to accelerate their success in Japan and Asia. "It's one thing to google for information or rely on some person's advice, but we are able to provide a variety of perspectives in every market where our members wish to grow," said Nobuo.

Another fun and beneficial success was a global manufacturing summit that had speakers from around the world at Global Chamber® locations including Tokyo. “My chapter was able to invite two panels, one from Toyota and the other from Konno Corporation. Top executives at Toyota spoke about their experience and thoughts on prospects for the future of doing business in Mexico, and the President/founder of Konno talked about Japan's latest internet-of-things opportunities for SMEs. My chapter was able to provide the latest and most relevant themes and technological trends.”

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More on Nobuo Yoneyama

Born in Tokyo in 1958 (year of dog) and raised in Yokohama, I spent 31 years at Mitsui & Co., Ltd., a large trading house for mostly aerospace business. I started my company Nisshin Global Corp in 2013 to connect Japanese SME to foreign businesses.

I am Executive Director for Global Chamber® Tokyo and founder of Nisshin Global Corporation. Both organizations are bridges between Japanese companies and international markets.

I've lived in the US twice. The first time was in New York from 1988, followed by a stint in Washington, DC from 2008 to 2012. My second son was born in New York and my first daughter was born in Maryland.

Today our focus at Global Chamber® Tokyo is helping Japanese companies reach to new opportunities abroad, and to encourage foreign firms to understand and capture business opportunities in Japan.

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