Member Success in Sacramento, California

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Julie Petrone has been leading our team with Global Chamber® Sacramento, California.

We asked Julie what inspired her to join Global Chamber®.

“Drawing on my expertise and years of experience in global marketing, I enjoy working with companies that seek to expand operations internationally," said Julie. Global Chamber® is an influential and respected channel for supplying business leadership to help organizations and governments manage global business and development in a collaborative manner, for the benefit of companies, and more broadly, for the world economy as a whole.”

Global Chamber® gives local businesses the advantageous opportunity of insights and education to understand international entry strategies. If an organization or business has little or no international trade or export experience, the Global Chamber® is here to help. If you company is well-versed in international business then you know there are ALWAYS things that come up that require addressing... and we provide short-cuts to answers, lowering risk and accelerating success.”

Julie has a lot of experience with many different international companies, which allows her to see the opportunities that arise with Global Chamber®. I have worked with many domestic and international organizations including Philips Lighting, IKEA, TUV, Intel and Texas Instruments. I have also worked with local governments and municipalities. Every day I look forward to working with Sacramento businesses in leveraging our Global Chamber® knowledge and reach, helping them move into world trade. I am proud to play a role in Global Chamber to make this happen.”

Coincidentally an early collaborator for Global Chamber® overall was Barry Broome, then President/CEO of Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), now President/CEO of Greater Sacramento Economic Council. The very first speaker at any of our worldwide events was the head of international development for GPEC, and that organization has been a long-time collaborator with Global Chamber®. Barry has been a speaker at multiple events. Now he has met with our team in Sacramento and we're creating strategies to work together for the success of companies and the benefit of the region.

More on Julie Petrone…

Julie Petrone has over 20 years experience in marketing, branding, advertising, public relations, media, market data, analytic, content creation, web and technology, and lead generation. Heavily involved in both domestic and international business, Petrone understands and effectively communicates tools and resources available to companies interested in doing business on a global scale. A strong public speaker, Petrone often delivers comprehensive training and presentations to Fortune 500 company leadership.

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