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Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We spoke to LeAnn Young of Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington about the growth of the regional chapter and member success. She formed the chapter in 2015 and is as passionate as ever in our vision and helping companies to succeed.

"I've always been interested in other parts of the world and in international business," said LeAnn. "In fact, I went to graduate school for international business and I’ve been working in international business for 30 years.”

She continued to say that Global Chamber® and our worldwide network growing in 525 metros offers companies the chance to grow.

“There are so many opportunities around the world for business. Sometimes that can be daunting, and also sometimes what we don't know can be scary, too. Global Chamber® helps with all that - connecting with new opportunities and being surrounded with a global tribe of people doing cross metro and cross border business every day. That support structure is critical! It allows companies to feel comfortable enough to take the steps, gain more success, and keep growing.”

LeAnn considers herself a problem solver and with Global Chamber®, she’s a global problem solver.

“I enjoy working with people from all over the world and Global Chamber® has provided me a platform for me to interact. I like the vision and structure it has. and our members are amazing... they never cease to amaze us with their intelligence, resilience and ingenuity.”

Some of the success Global Chamber® members have had in the Baltimore/Washington region is getting students to join Global Chamber® and learn about business. Several universities are involved and have been spreading the word to their students, enticing them to join.

The Baltimore/Washington chapter was combined a year ago and covers a wide area. Larry Brill has been managing the Washington, DC area and supporting members with their cross metro and cross border interests.

"Larry Brill knows the executives, professionals and leaders that are interested in Global Chamber® and that can really help. He took on the role to build the DC area and we're building a team of members, collaborators, interns and more - the global tribe - to make a difference."

From manufacturers involved with importing and exporting, to service providers, non-profits and government entities, the Baltimore/Washington chapter is filled with successful companies growing their success every day.. and our team on the ground is thrilled to be working with all of them.

More about LeAnn Young...

LeAnn has more than 20 years of experience working in global business for technology companies. She has managed international partners on six continents, crafted global marketing strategies and programs, facilitated international trade, and launched new products throughout the world. LeAnn is also founder of IntroSpect Marketing, a marketing services business, which creates marketing strategies, content, and communications. She specializes in advising companies on how to achieve better results through the use of effective marketing.


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