Global ChamberĀ® Growing in Dakar, Senegal

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We recently spoke to Demba Ndiaye, Global Advisor for Global Chamber® in Dakar, Senegal about what drove him to join with Global Chamber®.

I chose to join Global Chamber® due to its exposure as a platform to facilitate and feature business executives and their success.”

An example success that Demba and Global Chamber® Dakar have been involved with recently was a World Bank-funded project in Mali, West Africa.

Demba explained... “we have worked locally to align agricultural innovation platforms so that they work in synergy in the potato and parboiled rice value chains. New outreach and communication for regional development have been instrumental to set the tone in the region, serving as an open lab for farmers to come and learn about new productivity technologies.”

More on Demba Ndiaye...

Demba is global advisor for Global Chamber in Senegal. In addition he is also a one-stop multi-line insurance and financial services resource with specific expertise and services in community economic development, precision agriculture, health care, marketing and Diaspora engagement.


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