Emre Cekemoglu and Growth of Global ChamberĀ® Istanbul

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Emre Cekemoglu is a Global Advisor for Global Chamber® in Istanbul, Turkey. We spoke with him about Global Chamber® and what inspired him to join our global team.

“I am a futurist, willing to be a part of global unification," said Emre. "Trade gives power to the next generation to live together, in peace. Trade is the primary focus for members of Global Chamber®, and that's proving to me that I am at the right place for this shared mission."

A success story involving Emre and Global Chamber® Istanbul occurred with the High Point Market trade show with cross-metro and cross-border connections between Turkey and North America.

First Emre connected to our Global Chamber® chapters in Charlotte and Greensboro. A number of connections were made by the team at Global Chamber® once the needs of members on all sides were understood.

Then during the famous furniture trade show, Emre was able to make many more industry leaders through a series of warm introductions... and so business was facilitated and accelerated.

Members come first... and so when we are able to help them make connections that grow their business, our job is done... until the next opportunity and connection! Global Chamber® is growing in 525 metros... everywhere... to support growth by our members everywhere.


More on Emre Cekemoglu…

Emre has been working in public and private sectors for many years. More recently he's had the opportunity to move to semi-governmental business institutions in Istanbul, the capital city of business and finance in Turkey, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy. He has organized over 100 business delegations all around the world to facilitate expansion of companies in many different business sectors.


Are you a member seeking to grow in Istanbul or a company looking to join the global tribe? Reach out to Global Chamber.

Or are you an executive seeking more effective growth for your company? Reach out and we'll be happy to help!

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Nihal Nicky muradoglu on September 29, 2017 at 11:52:19 pm said:
Bravo to you Emre...we are proud of you,as young man you are a leader for future.trade turizmculture education goes as link...and if it?s a real one it can create ronesans .multiculturalism becomes a natural event.thats why Anatolia is dread leaving for mixing all and Turks for Silk Road supporters with motor hotels as kervansarays..why don?t you prepare a write up okrpresentatation
On kervansaraylar and silk roads comparative to today?s tech and global chamber model..I can help you with sharing my vision with you .. I wish you can get to permanent blog or documented valuing ronesans everywhere..