Member Success in Global ChamberĀ® Salt Lake City

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Saturday, October 7, 2017

Meher Ayesha is our executive director in Global Chamber® Salt Lake City. This month we spoke with her about some member successes, and we also asked her why she decided to join Global Chamber®.

“I believe in a world without borders. As entrepreneurs and leaders we love what we do, we are passionate about our business. Taking our businesses across borders let's us spread that love. In our own way, we are making a world full of love. And, I want to be participating in making that happen.”

Meher recently worked with Cargo Partners to join Global Chamber®... who came on to connect to more companies doing business from Utah and the US to the world. Global Chamber® is the only organization in the world built to make connections for SMEs across metros and borders as our highest priority.

Cargo Partners is a service provider and a leader in import and export. We are helping them gain traction in the U.S. and western hemisphere. We were able to make a quick impact by giving them access to companies across the U.S. and in particular connecting them with leaders in Houston, California, Utah, Colorado and Nevada.”

"Another of our favorite members is In What Language, a fast-growing company with an extraordinary CEO/founder Cody Broderick... assisting companies worldwide in translating and localizing their content. Their technology and approach is leading-edge, and we enjoy introducing them to our members around the world. This week Cyle Adair of In What Language is speaking at our Multi-Metro Globinar on Cross-Culture Communication that is IN-PERSON in Salt Lake plus 3 other metros, AND the speakers are zooming in from Brussels and other parts of the world... benefiting our members with valuable information, and exposing In What Language and other members to prospective clients worldwide."

"In addition to opportunities like that, Cyle Adair of In What Language is on the advisory board for Global Chamber® Phoenix. NO OTHER ORGANIZATION in the world has our cross-metro focus or can offer that kind of exposure for companies in the global tribe. We're happy and proud to help. In addition we collaborate with all other organizations - helping SMEs connect to sometimes FREE expert services to help them grow globally."

Global Chamber® Salt Lake City was one of three original chapters of Global Chamber® in November, 2014. We've had some turnover in our leadership there primarily due to family issues... but we continue to grow, collaborate and expand the global tribe in the region. Long term we'll continue to expand in Utah as our founder Doug Bruhnke is a U of U grad and wishes to see Utah step away from a somewhat isolated past into the business world more proudly and boldly.

More about MEHER AYESHA, Executive Director - Salt Lake City

Meher is a globalist and entrepreneur who is also a top-performing Engineer, Project Manager and business intelligence professional with over 10 years of leadership, consulting and clientele service.

She is ambitious, aggressive and agile in discovering the potential to derive value. She is committed to intuitive data driven decision making and she is hyper-focused on what matters most: Company Culture & Business Bottom Line.


Within our global community of 525 metro areas around the world, we're ramping up our activities in Salt Lake City.

Contact Meher at for more information and to join us.

More on the chapter here.


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