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Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Weilin Long is Executive Director for Global Chamber® Indianapolis. We sat down with her and asked her why she decided to join Global Chamber®.

"I have a passion to help companies grow globally," said Weilin. "I also enjoy networking with people who have a global mindset and global connections. Global Chamber® provides a great platform to connect people with diverse resources and opportunities, which are significant for global growth opportunities. We can help companies grow from anywhere to everywhere-exciting!"

Recently Gina Sheets, Senior Fellow at Sagamore Institute, spoke at two Global Chamber events that were broadcast worldwide... one on agribusiness and one on new opportunities in Africa. Gina recently transitioned back to Indiana after living five years in Liberia with her husband. There they built the School of Agriculture and Liberia’s first Agriculture Research Center on the campus of Liberia International Christian College, where she served as Vice President, the Administrator, and instructor of agriculture, business, math and development courses.

Prior to Liberia, Gina was the first appointed Director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) for now Vice-President Mike Pence. Gina has worked in economic development for over 20 years on large international deals, and has owned many small businesses with her husband, including the farm where they live. As you can tell - she is definitely part of the 'global tribe'. She also stopped in to our global headquarters this summer.

"Global Chamber® is pleased to collaborate with Sagamore institute to help companies in Indiana connect to the world," said Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Global Chamber®. "Gina and her husband are extraordinary. They have personally assisted the development of modern agriculture in Africa. Whether it's the Sagamore Institute or other organizations and companies in Indiana - we are here to make assist with connections and support worldwide."

More on the agribusiness and Africa events HERE.

More on Weilin Long...

Weilin Long is a cross-cultural executive, business leader and entrepreneur. As the Executive DIrector of Global Chamber® Indianapolis, she is a connector and collaborator for businesses of all levels.

After serving as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and the Director of Asian Learning Center of Indiana at The International Center, Weilin formed a consulting firm to provide consultative guidance and solutions to government, business, community and education leaders for initiating, developing, and capitalizing on global, national and local alliances. In partnership with statewide economic development professionals, she provides leads on international investments, partners in project development, and explores resources and opportunities.

Weilin has the honor of serving as a consultant on foreign policies and related affairs for the State of Indiana, local cities, businesses and other organizations. Through special projects, Weilin leads strategy development to support internal and external partners in meeting global challenges. Lately she was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Civil Rights Commission in Indiana.

Weilin has over 18 years of managerial experience in health, business, community outreach, college instruction, and program administration. She is active in the community in a personal and professional capacity and serves on several advisory boards.

The positions she has held include the Business Development Administrator in Indianapolis Mayor’s Office, State Community Nutrition Division Director; State Newborn Screening Director for Genetics, Hearing, Drug Testing and Sickle Cell; Executive Director of a non-profit organization; the City Director of Council on Aging; and a Publisher Company Human Resource Coordinator.

She graduated from Kansas State University with master’s degrees in Adult & Continuing Education and Public Administration after pursuing her undergraduate degree in China, majoring in English Language.

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