Some Global Chamber Events December and 2018

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

For the first time in our history, we have 13 months of multi-metro webinars scheduled! Thank you members for your input!

We've never had more than a few months scheduled, and so this is a big deal! We've listened to our members... and of course we'll continue to add and edit along the way. Contact us with your feedback.

Multi-metro webinars are events organized by Global Chamber® that are held in two to 10 metros 'in person', and attendees can attend LIVE from anywhere in the world. Members learn AND may be connected to any speaker and attendee.

For November we just completed 'New Opportunities in Europe' with an event in London and two other metros. Thank you speakers and everyone attending! If you'd like more info, contact us.

For December we have...

12/13/17 Grow in Mexico & Latin America

12/19/17 Enlightened Growth Leadership

Connect to many of our events HERE and watch your local chapter for more.

And for January 2018, here is the agenda so far..

  • 1/16/18 Tips on Cross-Cultural Communication
  • 1/30/18 Tips on Setting Up Operations Overseas

And for the rest of 2018...

  • 2/6/18 Managing Risk in Global Business
  • February Women in Global Leadership
  • March NAFTA and Trade Agreement Update
  • March Grow in the Middle East
  • April Tips on Banking and Finance with Global Business
  • April Keynote Presentation: Exporter
  • May Trends in Global Marketing
  • May Update for SMEs on International Trade Law
  • June Trends in Global Logistics
  • June Grow Your Business in Africa
  • July Building a Leadership Team that Looks Like Your Target Markets
  • July Update on Cross Cultural and Translation
  • August Cyber Security when Operating Globally
  • August Grow Your Business in Europe
  • September Eight Tips for Youngpreneurs in Global Leadership
  • September International Finance for SME Exporters & Importers
  • October Update on International Trade Law
  • October Grow Your Business in Asia
  • November Keynote Presentation: Exporter
  • November Trade Deals Update: NAFTA and more
  • December Grow Your Business in Latin America
  • December Tips on Improving Your Global Business in 2019

Contact us for more information and to provide feedback.


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