Global ChamberĀ® Trade Missions Create Connections

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Friday, December 1, 2017

The Global Chamber® team is dedicated to the success of our members, and recently companies from four industries in the U.S. were invited to visit Global Chamber® Tokyo led by Nobuo Yoneyama. Participants were highly varied... a Native American Jewelry maker, an oil based body care product manufacturer, a medical and athletic rehabilitation tape supplier and an engineering service company for water treatment.

Support was needed by each of the companies in marketing, in identifying the best companies and opportunities to connect with, and scheduling appointments with Japanese businesses in Tokyo. Besides that, there meetings needed to be supported with interpretation between English and Japanese - along with overall logistics of making the appointments, traveling back and forth, the follow-up, etc.

The four companies had been working with Global Chamber® Albuquerque, and our team there facilitated the original connection to Nobuo in Tokyo. The companies took it from there. We've seen that happen many times before and it's a key differentiator of Global Chamber®. Our members will take it from the warm connection.. they just prefer that initial intro, and then they're set. Magic often ensues!

In this case Nobuo managed to quickly connect the four companies from the U.S. with prospective customers in Japan. Each of the companies had meetings in Tokyo, where they found potential distributors and retailers. Nobuo knows the market there... and so while there's no guarantee of success, the chances of are much higher because of the facilitation that we do every day in every metro. 

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