Opportunities in Latin America for 2018

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

We were pleased to hold a conversation about the latest business opportunities in Latin America and how 2018 looks for this region. The event was held in multiple locations and was viewed by members worldwide. Our experts covered opportunities in and with Latin America to start a dialogue with our members on possible opportunities for their businesses.

Watch the event HERE.


Lic. Jose Luis Romero Hicks, Romero-Hicks & Galindo Law

              Overview on Mexican Economy for 2018 and NAFTA

David Farca, International Business Group & Global Chamber Mexico

              Opportunities in Healthcare, Franchising, Energy and Defense in Mexico

Yolany Alvarado, ProPanama & Global Chamber Panama

               Overview on Panamanian Economy for 2018

               Specific opportunities like Business Tourism and more...

Cesar Peñaranda, ProInversion Peru

               Overview on Peruvian Economy for 2018

               Infrastructure investment opportunities in Peru for Private Capital

Noris Steentrup, CREO Agency (“Agencia Creo”)

               Overview on Costa Rican Economy for 2018

               Renewable/Green business opportunities in Costa Rica

Ricardo Vanella, REAL Argentina & Global Chamber Buenos Aires

               Overview on Argentinian Economy for 2018

               Opportunities in scientific/tech for Agri and Veterinarian markets

Q&A from moderator and attendees 


José Luis Romero Hicks - Managing Partner, Romero Hicks & Galindo Law Firm - Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, José Luis holds a Law Degree from the University of Guanajuato, a BA in Political Science from the University of Lawrence in Wisconsin and a MA in Economics from the University of Southern Oregon. He has been a professor, researcher, Director of Planning, Advisor to the Rectory and Member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Guanajuato. In his native Guanajuato he served as Secretary of Planning and Finance. In the diplomatic field, José Luis was Economic Counselor of the embassies of Mexico in India and Japan. José Luis was decorated by the Governments of Spain and Brazil and received the National Jaime Torres Bodet Award for Excellence. He has also been recognized by several publications as one of the 100 best CEOs and one of the 300 most influential leaders in Mexico. José Luis is member of the Mexican Council of International Affairs. 

David Farca - President, International Business Group. Born and raised in Mexico City, David started his first business in the retail industry, selling accessories and gifts during his high school years.  David graduated from UI (Universidad Iberoamericana) with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, which created the opportunity for his second venture in the medical field distributing surgical lasers. David’s opinion in designing and specifying digital imaging departments became very well respected throughout Mexico becoming a business column writer for “Diagnostic Imaging America Latina” a Miller Freeman Publication and a Board Member of the Mexican Society and the Mexican Federation of Radiology (SMRI and FMRI).   

Yolany Alvarado - Founder/CEO, ProPanama.  Yolany is an attorney specialized in Investment Relations in Panama with broad experience on offshore companies, asset protection, trust and immigration procedures. She is the founder of ProPanama,  organization that helps foreign investors that go to Panama to either invest in real estate or any other type of investment.  They advise their clients also in offshore corporations, asset protection, immigration services and citizenship in Panama. ProPanama is also a Trusted Partner of the US Department of Commerce and the Medium Business Development Agency, plus serve as chapter representation for the Panama Getaway International Association and the Global Chamber. 

César Peñaranda - Investment Services, ProInversiónCésar holds a BA in Economics from the University of Lima, Peru and MA in Economics from the University of New York (NYU). In addition, he completed graduate studies in Economic Theory, Finance and Asset Management, and Mathematics for Economists at Harvard University. He is an expert in business development, asset management and business strategy. He has served as Director and Founding Partner of CPC Consultores, company dedicated to the development of projects and investment opportunities with foreign investors. Previously, he held positions on Strategic and Development at Credicorp Capital Chile, Credicorp Capital Peru and Banco de Credito del Peru. Internationally, he was Junior Vice-President of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and served as Associate and Attaché of the Global CEO of Asset Management of Deutsche Bank in New York, in charge of special projects and business development in Latin America. 

Noris Steenstrup - Founder/CEO, Agencia CreoNoris is the founder of the Agency of Sustainable Economic Development, Creo and president of the Green Consciousness Foundation. She has studied different specialities at 5 Universities; University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada; Continental University, Jilotepec, Mexico; University of Havana, Cuba; Miguel Hernández  University, Elche, Spain, where she completed degrees in Business Expertise as well as Personal Branding and  Business Protocol. She is now studying online at Camilo José Cela University, Madrid, Spain. Furthermore she has completed her MBA at the Schools of Business at FUNDESEM, Alicante, Spain and CEEI, Elche, Spain. Additionally she has degrees in Leadership and Project Management from INCAE, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Noris also works with community aid, through the Green Consciousness Foundation; helping and giving assistance with programs like Paleui for women and girls.

Ricardo Vanella - Founder, Argentine-American Network for LeadershipRicardo is a global specialist in strategic positioning, international marketing and business development, with almost 30 years of experience providing consultancy services for corporations, multilateral organizations, and NGOs around the world. He has counseled many private companies in a wide variety of industries, and held different management positions. Ricardo is an experienced orator and speechwriter, author of books, case studies and articles on a wide range of fields. He is the chair professor of International marketing and strategic positioning at the International Master in Food Technology, at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) as well as professor of Strategic intelligence at the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA). He is the founder of the Argentine-American Network for Leadership as well as of IANAmericas, the Inter-American Network of Alumni Associations from U.S. exchange programs and he is Global Advisor for Global Chamber® Buenos Aires. .  . He has a degree in Law (State University of Cordoba, Argentina), an MBA from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and a specialization in International Business at the American University of Paris (France). The Government of Italy awarded Ricardo as "Knight of the Star Order."


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