Global ChamberĀ® Albuquerque: Making Connections

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Warm connections are a key to success in today's fast-paced world. They slow down opportunities so that people of credibility can discuss and find opportunities. Otherwise we're bombarded with countless opportunities, most of which don't pass muster to spend time on.

An example is the recent trade mission by four companies from four industries in North America to Japan. It was a collaboration for international trade inspired by Global Chamber®: a Native American Jewelry maker, an oil based body care product manufacturer, a medical and athletic rehabilitation tape supplier, and an engineering service company for water treatment. Collectively they needed help in marketing, translation, interpretation, identifying the correct companies to connect with, and then very practically, scheduling appointments with Japanese businesses in Tokyo. 

The travelers were introduced to Global Chamber® Tokyo Executive Director Nobuo Yoneyama. Nobuo managed to better understand their needs and to then connect the companies visiting from Global Chamber® Albuquerque with prospective customers. The companies had meetings in Tokyo, where they found potential distributors and retailers.

Slow down the best opportunities. Use the resources at Global Chamber® around the world to find and execute the best opportunities for your business. We're not the only resource out here, but we are a unique and global resource.

Global Chamber® is the world's FIRST and ONLY chamber of commerce with hundreds of locations that is focused on helping executives grow across borders in 525 metro areas, from A to Z, Alabama to Zanzibar, while collaborating with all organizations. It takes a village to succeed optimally.

We provide tangible cross metro and cross border services for exporters, importers and investors that makes cross metro and cross border growth journey a little easier. Save time and money. And get connected locally, nationally and globally.

Global Advisor of the New Mexico Chapter

Terry McMains of Global Chamber® Albuquerque is a leading resource in sustainable water technologies with over 600 completed projects for residential, commercial, military, scholastic, municipal, and tribal applications. He has spoken on a national platform for the American Rain Catchment Systems Association, US Green Building Council, American Institute of Architects, American Society of Irrigation Consultants, and the National Association of Home Builders and has been published in New Mexico Business Journal, Wall Street Journal, and Green Builder Magazine.

Terry has consulted for leading global water sustainability manufacturers for US entry market penetration and development and currently continues to work as a design consultant and business development consultant in the arena. Mr. McMains is also the founder of Operation: Safewater, a non-profit focused on developing and implementing sustainable water technologies and products in developing countries. With Global Chamber® Albuquerque, Terry is available to connect members to new opportunities in New Mexico, across the U.S. and around the world using the Global Chamber® network.


About Global Chamber®

Global Chamber® is a thriving and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions taking on the world of global business to accelerate success. Global Chamber® is a registered trademark of Global Chamber, LLC.

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