InWhatLanguage Special Offer to Members

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Friday, January 19, 2018

Global Chamber® is pleased to make this special announcement with renewing member inWhatLanguage!

inWhatLanguage is a leader in localization and translation solutions, and they are partnering with Global Chamber® to offer critical language services and technology to help our members expand into international markets and more effectively communicate with their global audience.

inWhatLanguage is offering to all our members free access to their proprietary translation management technology, UNIFY, along with discounted translation and localization services in more than 150 languages.

“We are strong advocates for the collaboration, education and incredible support that the Global Chamber® provides to their members around the world,” said Cody Broderick, CEO at inWhatLanguage. “We believe that the best way to help fellow members achieve their global potential is to offer specialized translation and quality localization services that enable them to enter new markets and connect with international buyers by sounding local.”

Members of Global Chamber® will receive a 20% discount on their first translation project with inWhatLanguage and 10% on all subsequent language services in 2018. Members can visit for an immediate quote for discounted translation services.

“At Global Chamber®, we’re focused around the world on helping exporters, importers, and investors grow across metropolitan areas more productively, and so we love to share world-class services with our members to help them succeed,” said Doug Bruhnke, CEO, founder and executive director of Global Chamber. “UNIFY translation management technology by inWhatLanguage is an excellent example of a service that more companies need to know about, and so we’re excited to share information about it and make it easier for our members to use with discounted services and free access.”

UNIFY, an inWhatLanguage cloud-based translation management technology, is a SaaS solution for efficiently managing translation of all content types, including documents, websites, software, mobile applications, digital media, e-learning and more.

inWhatLanguage Chief Technology Officer Tim Hunt, a 30-year language services industry executive leader and translation software expert, is a featured panelist in the Global Chamber virtual event “Cross-Cultural Communication in Global Business 2.0” taking place January 16, 2018. The recap is HERE.

Cyle Adair, inWhatLanguage senior director of business development, is a board member of Global Chamber Phoenix.

About inWhatLanguage
inWhatLanguage is a localization and technology provider breaking down language and cultural barriers to unify people and communities around the world. We develop technology and human networks, which connects organizations to communities by allowing them to create, control and manage all enterprise-wide content through a proprietary, cloud-based translation management platform called UNIFY.

About Global Chamber®
Global Chamber® is a growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions taking on the world of global business, advancing growth and success. Global Chamber® is a registered trademark of Global Chamber, LLC.


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