Global ChamberĀ®: Argentina and Warm Connections

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Monday, January 22, 2018

Global Chamber® operates in 525 metro areas round the world... EVERYWHERE!

No matter what your business, in any market segment... we help member companies and communities reach across metros and border to grow. We do that through a variety of techniques to connect our members to new opportunities... including making warm connections... like for Meditar in Argentina.

Erwin Padinger, CEO of Meditar in Argentina, requested help to organize targeted meetings for the company during a business trip to the U.S. He was primarily targeting potential clients and partners in the Baltimore/Washington region and the Western U.S.

Meditar is looking for potential partners and clients in the medical field... Insurance companies, hospitals and similar entities. Meditar is one of the first, largest and most advanced managed healthcare companies in Latin America. Their top-notch medical professionals and state-of-the-art hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient offices, diagnostic imaging centers, emergency treatment centers and laboratories provide the highest quality medical diagnoses and treatments available, without the wait and at a price people can afford.

Meditar is a member of Global Chamber® Buenos Aires. We worked with their CEO Edwin to create a variety of warm, key connections during his visit to the U.S. He attended with a delegation from Meditar. We were able to create extraordinary meetings with a premier hospital, a top telemedicine firm, and multiple health and insurance providers.

The trip was a success, with agreements being signed for future collaboration and business!

"The trip was a resounding success for Meditar thanks to the global team at Global Chamber® that is so well-connected and willing to share these excellent connections with members," said Ricardo Vanella, Executive Director of Global Chamber® Buenos Aires.

About Meditar

Meditar is recognized for its excellent track record performing the most complex medical procedures, from open heart surgeries, liver transplants and total hip replacements to in vitro fertilization and cancer treatments. In our more than 25 years of existence, Meditar has treated more than three million people from around the world, including Europe and the United States. Meditar is located in Argentina, the eighth-largest country in the world and long considered a pioneer in advanced medicine. Our country’s medical schools and hospitals are rated among the best in the world. Argentina is the birthplace of two Nobel Laureates for medicine and one for chemistry.

About Global Chamber®

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