Add a Little Warmth to Grow Globally

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Global Chamber® works hard every day to make it easier for our members to connect across metro areas and borders. It takes a little warmth.

There's more than a few aspects of 'warmth' that help our members grow and be more successful. We're always striving for the end-result of members creating short cuts to new clients, new partners and new resources, to grow.

The core of the magic is our asking questions to understand more about our members, and then connecting them in a variety of ways to people who will make their business journey a little easier. Those people are a fit for our members AND just as importantly they are what we call 'warm connections' - almost always people that we know and know well - who should be a good fit.

We've written in the past about the '12 Habits of Warm Connectors' HERE.

Our members appreciate the thought behind introductions and the warm approach we take to make it easier for everyone. We're ALL busy... most of us can't waste time on cold calling or connecting to people who are not in our target. We need to be efficient and effective.

We can't guarantee that every warm introduction will result in a sale, but we can say that each one will likely open a door or two to opportunities.

And adding a little warmth helps make that a more successful process. And so we do that 5 ways.

1) We ask questions and understand. It all begins here. We are able to help members effectively because we understand their needs and work to address those. We understand because we ask.

2) We make warm introductions for our members. When we know who our members need to meet, we make direct introductions to people we know. We frame those introductions in a way that has value for both people being introduced. How effective is our process? We're getting better every day, and we have members who are paying extra fees to get additional introductions... 3, 5, 10 or more introductions per month. We're built to make warm intros across metros.

Ask Kevin Hull, Sr. Vice President at BMO Harris Bank. "I went back over the last couple years and it's clear that our growth can be traced to more clients coming from Global Chamber® both directly and through other members than any other source. We are pleased to be members because the ROI is there."

3) We offer our own events to members and non-members. We do events regularly so that members can connect up with others who are interested to grow. At events our Global Chamber® team will work the room to identify connections for our members. In a big room it's hard to connect with just the right people, and we work at making that process as good as possible - through our own efforts and using technology. More on that in another post.

4) We collaborate on events consistent with the interests of our global tribe. We're the only organization in the world with the mission to grow business from anywhere to everywhere while collaborating with every organization. As those collaborators have events, we join... as in the picture above showing a recent event by ATHENA International - a group HQ'd in North Carolina, USA - that we're pleased to partner with. Watch for more news on that.

In the photo, on the left member Tina Sweis with Andrea Conner, President of ATHENA International and Barry Wong, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Equal Opportunity for the State of Arizona.

5) We count on the talent and connections of the global tribe. Above all else, the global tribe is amazing. You are talented, experienced and UNSTOPPABLE. Thank you for being part of our world, and making the world a little better.

Let's keep adding a little warmth to the world and keep growing.




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