The Global Business of Jazz on Int'l Jazz Day

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Saturday, May 5, 2018

We were pleased to celebrate International Jazz Day with a discussion on the global business of jazz with some practitioners of the business. Jazz is a unique American art form and export,,, loved and exported around the world!

Learn more about International Jazz Day worldwide HERE.

The conversation started with jazz musician and entrepreneur Doc Jones, and it continued with an ensemble of speakers discussing the business of Jazz and how members can participate.

In true Jazz spirit... the line-up of speakers was pulled together at the last moment, and we improvised along the way. Wayne and Billy were added literally a few minutes before the event, and a couple other experts sent regrets at the very last moment.

Members watched from around the world - and you can watch, too right HERE.


  • Exporting and Importing of Jazz
  • Opportunities in Jazz and the Music World
  • How to Leverage Your Interest in Jazz and the Arts in Business


  • Doc Jones - Jazz Musician and Founder of AZ International Jazz Day (Phoenix/Scottsdale)
  • Yvonne Ervin - Executive Director at Jazz in January (Tucson)
  • Wayne Gaskins - South African Network Alliance & 215 Jazz Magazine (Philadelphia)
  • Kevin Crowell - President of Asia Business Group (Chicago)
  • Billy Adkins - Business Leader and Jazz Supporter (Northern Virginia)



William Doc Jones has over 35 years of experience as music educator, program and project Director in the realm of Music and TV production.  He has more than 30 years of professional performance experience, including band director, traveled abroad with noted artists, writer/director of live stage musical performances, arranger and writer, producer, recording studio owner/operator.  Noted for music instruction project development and execution of satellite programs (Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona), including as a professional musician. For the past 6 years has been working in conjunction with UNESCO and Herbie Hancock to bring attention to worldwide International Jazz Day. 

Yvonne C. Ervin, CFRE has for the past 30 years worked as a jazz journalist for print and radio and has interviewed more than 150 jazz legends for KUAZ-FM, Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Citizen, Tucson Magazine, Showtimes West, Down Beat, and Music Hound’s Guide to Jazz. She is editor of Hot House magazine and was the jazz columnist for the Tucson Weekly for several years and has written liner notes for RCA, Capri and Doubletime records. Yvonne holds a degree in music and journalism and was a visiting lecturer in Jazz History at her alma matter, the University of Arizona. She has interviewed jazz greats on stage at the Monterey and Telluride jazz festivals and has emceed at the Montreux, Tanglewood and Telluride jazz festivals. For 20 years, she she has hosted jazz radio programs.

Yvonne worked in development for a dozen years in New York City, where she held the top development positions at the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center, Bailey House, Hazelden New York and Urban Assembly; and she was Executive Director of the Candies Foundation.  After returning to Tucson in 2011, she was the Director of Development for the University of Arizona’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry for two years.  Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Tucson Jazz Festival.  She has raised more than $10 million dollars during her fundraising career.


Kevin Crowell is President of Asia Business Group.


Wayne Gaskins leads South African Network Alliance and 215 Jazz Magazine


Billy Adkins is an automotive industry leader and business of jazz supporter.


International Jazz Day

The United Nations General Assembly and the UNESCO General Conference have proclaimed April 30 as International Jazz Day. Each year on April 30, jazz is recognized for promoting peace, dialogue among cultures, diversity, and respect for human rights and human dignity; eradicating discrimination; promoting freedom of expression; fostering gender equality; and reinforcing the role of youth in enacting social change.

International Jazz Day brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots, future and impact; raise awareness of the need for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding; and reinforce international cooperation and communication.


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