Refine Your Leadership in the Global Community

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

This globinar on July 11th (in the US, July 12th in Manila and other parts of Asia) tackled the topic of leadership, and how to apply your knowledge to be a more effective and consistent global leader. 

This event was a globinar with speakers in Manila, Arizona and Ohio... and we had attendees from all over the world. Like you! Thanks for your interest. Leadership is a topic that we all can learn more about.

Author and consultant Dwaine Canova discussed "Documenting - How You Lead and Manage – and how it accelerates communicating and performance for Executive Teams". It was a step by step on how to ramp up your leadership and success.

Also speaking about a specific case study in the video is Jon Kaplan, Founder and President of TeleDevelopment Services.

Special thanks to moderator Colin Christie, Executive Director of Global Chamber® Manila.

Watch to learn more about:

  • How to document the way you lead and manage to attain business excellence
  • How to connect and align your team, create and prioritize strategic initiatives, measure your goals and consistently leverage your customer focus
  • The right online tools to guide your leadership and execute your plans
In addition, Dwaine has shared the following opportunity for members of Global Chamber: Zynity offers up to three hours of free Coaching for those wanting to know how this information will work in their organizations. Those interested can go to the Zynity website and send a contact request. One of Zynity's Certified Coaches will connect with them. Please include the words "Three Free Coaching Hours" in your request. You can extend this invitation to friends and associates.
If you are interested in connecting with any of the speakers about any other topic, feel free to contact us HERE.

Dwaine Canova
CEO, Zynity, LLC and Framework for Leading Institute

Mr. Dwaine Canova is an accomplished international entrepreneur and a holder of an MBA degree at the Wharton School in Pennsylvania.  He believes in leadership development, and leveraging information to improve customer acquisition, retention, and service. He is author of the "A Framework for Leading™" series, and "Overcoming the Four Deceptions in Career Relationships".

Jon Kaplan
President, TeleDevelopment Services

Jon is the Founder and President of TeleDevelopment Services, a pioneer in providing consulting services and solutions to the world’s biggest companies, helping them achieve their outsourcing and offshoring objectives for a quarter of a century. He is in charge of the overall direction of TeleDevelopment by initiating partnerships, generating new businesses, and shaping company culture. He is a recipient of numerous industry awards, including two ATA Telo Awards for Excellence in Telemarketing, and an award for Customer Contact Excellence from Customer Interface magazine.

More information on Dwaine Canova (Zynity) and Jon Kaplan (TeleDevelopment) are at their company links.

Read more about Colin and our chapter in Manila HERE.




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