Globinar on Manufacturing: Global Trends

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Monday, July 30, 2018

Our globinar discussion from July 24th is for manufacturers, exporters, importers and cross-border investors to learn about the global trends that companies are following when manufacturing around the globe.

We spoke with leaders in the industry that provided information, ideas and tips for your business expansion.

Listen to the discussion HERE.


  • Corinne Versini - Founder & CEO at Gene's Ink
  • Nick LaForest - Director of Global Procurement at Flagship Global Sourcing

  • Ruhsan Raman - CEO of Luxe-mPire & Exec. Director of Global Chamber Dhaka

  • Dr.-Ing. Dirk-Alfred Lindenbeck - Chairman at Stainless Valve Company


Besides the questions and answers in the video, here are some questions and answers, post-event....

"How is robotics influencing your business, if at all, and how do you see it impacting your industry, if at all?"
Answer 1: As a garment producer or supplier,  we are being offered a complete turnkey overhaul of our factory setup based on AI in Bangladesh but still now the market is slow to adopt in Bangladesh as labor tends to be a lot cheaper than the major investment required for the overhaul. But we are aware that machines or robots would maximise productivity hence some large factories are thinking of such a shift. - Ruhsan Rahman
Answer 2: The possibility of using robots always is in discussion. So far we have not jumped at that. There are basically two areas where robots can be considered
  1. Loading of raw material on Vertical CNC Machining Centers.
  2. Assembly of valves  

Both applications have some disatvantages. There are mostly only 1 or two parts to manufacture and then some completely different parts are the next in line. The time to set up the the robots for the machine loading is presently longer than the manual loading of the machine. The necessary assembly operation is very complex and does not lead to automation. I am convinced that at some stage the robot technology will be developed that the use becomes viable. - Dirk-Alfred Lindenbeck


Speaker Biographies

Corinne Versini - Founder & CEO at Gene's Ink.  By the late 2000s, Corinne was animated by a profound conviction: printed electronics is the future of electronics. New applications (sensors, flexible displays…) will represent important growth factors for our economy. As they are based on new usages (smart cities, internet of things, autonomous vehicles, communicating clothes…), they will meet fast expanding markets. In addition, they constitute valuable aids to sustainable development, energy conservation, improving people daily lives. To contribute to the implementation of these applications and develop products that will make us move from dream to reality, Corinne decided in 2010 to leave the comfort of a major company in traditional electronics, and founded Genes'Ink, an innovative startup in the field of nanomaterials and printed electronics. In 5 years, she created a company that is now positioning Europe at the forefront of global innovation in printed electronics; they created, with the R & D dream team accompanying her, radically innovative products, and the conditions for development of applications that will change people's lives.

Corinne's Topic: Innovation and Manufacturing in France


Nick LaForest - Director of Systems at Flagship Global SourcingNick has been involved in various aspects of international business for over 13 years. He formally owned his own business in the technology sector for 6 years.  After selling his business, he was approached by a previous client who was looking for someone to manage his Global Procurement Division. He accepted the position and joined Flagship Global Sourcing 3 years ago.  When he started they were beginning to embark on a large retail roll out program. Under his leadership, that program was a huge success. Nick’s responsibilities include global procurement and logistics. He also oversees the technology and marketing divisions of the company. Some of the challenges that Nick faces on a regular basis are: Communication, Budgeting and Finance, Quality Control, Supply Chain Management and Logistics. With manufactures in China and Vietnam, and business offices in UK and the US, Nick will discuss about the challenges and opportunities of establishing international manufacturing.  

Nick's Topic: Manufacturing in Asia and Sourcing Internationally


Ruhsan Rahman - CEO of Luxe-mPire and Executive Director of Global Chamber Dhaka.. Ruhsan is a goal and result oriented business professional having about 18+ years of experience. My first and foremost goal is to strive for a better achievement and attain professional excellence. I'm a business development, marketing and sales person with solid track record of professional background. I look forward to new and exciting opportunities every day. His company partners with garment manufacturing units to produce denim, woven and specialized products as well as trade excess produced items or stock lots. They have factories in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Ruhsan's Topic: Garment Manufacturing and Update on the industry in Bangladesh


Dr.-Ing. Dirk-Alfred Lindenbeck - Chairman at Stainless Valve Company. Dr.-Ing Lindenbeck bring many years as Chairman for a group of family owned manufacturing companies that have 14 employees and a sales volume of $2.8 Million US. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hannover and has over 20 technical publications on this field. As a global business person, he is multi-lingual, fluent in German, English and Portuguese speaking, reading and writing, some knowledge of Spanish and French. In addition, he is  Member of Rotary, VDI, CWTA, GBR, Greater Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Union County Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturers Executive Roundtable, RHCC.  
Dirk's Topic: Emerging Global Trade Trends, A "Family Owned" Machinery Firm Perspective


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