Globinar on Marketing: Sell Globally Through E-commerce

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Monday, August 13, 2018

We spoke with top subject matter experts on their experience marketing products through E-Commerce. Their expertise and tips will help your business reach more markets successfully.

The globinar speakers are shown here, and watch/listen HERE.


Our experts...

  • Isaiah Bollinger - Co-founder & CEO of Trellis
  • Charlie Alsmiller - CEO of Enspir
  • Arnie Kuenn - CEO at Vertical Measures
  • Tina Mani - CEO at Yfret
  • Elshan Baloghlanov - Managing Director of WCC International
  • Carlos Goyco - Co-founder & CEO of Libros787
Some of the topics covered in the one hour of discussion...
  • B2B and B2C distribution systems
  • B2B services versus products
  • Content management
  • Developing personas
  • Paid media vs. organic
  • Logistics challenges
  • Data security and fraud
  • Payment and delivery
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And here is a video shared by Arnie Kuenn from Vertical Measures on Digital Marketing Strategies: VIDEO
On one of the follow-up questions... here are two companies that can offer alternative payment solutions, recommended by Isaiah Bollinger of Trellis.

And more on this question from Elshan Baloghlanov of WCC International...

It is very interesting question that you raised, about countries where credit cards are difficult or impossible to use. The gap is wider between developed and developing world when it comes to bank accounts and ability to pay and get paid with credit/debit cards. While half of adults have bank accounts and cards in the West, this number is 7% in developing countries and underdeveloped countries.

It is a business- and a country-specific question, there are some options and everything depends on regulatory regime, including legal, technological, financial and geographical constrains in a target country. There may be some workarounds and options where a business in question can receive payments, including those herein below:

1) Money transfer (receiving and remitting) services available in a target country, like Monygram, M-pesa, Worldremit, Western union and many other similar services available locally and regionally;

2) Prepaid scratch cards (if in-country laws and sales channels allow you to market and sell such cards via retailers (not available or feasible option for every country)

3) A partnership with a local bank having branches all over the place (it may not be an option if you just starting your business from scratch)

4) SMS-enabled mobile payment system integration. You should partner up with local mobile carrier supporting such services (M-Pesa, PingIt)

5) Pay-As-You-Go technology, like Angaza. You can learn more about them HERE, and finally

6) Our merchant account services, which depends on the location and geography of the seller and a target market, and may or may not work in a particular case.

If you want us to look into the issue, please have your member fill out the form on our website HERE.


Speakers and Biographies 

Isaiah Bollinger - Co-founder & CEO of TrellisIsaiah co-founded Trellis in order to design and develop web experiences that would provide a business, either large or small, a competitive advantage on the Internet. Isaiah has extensive experience managing WordPress, Magento, and Shopify projects, custom web applications, third party integrations, and many different types of Internet marketing campaigns. Through Isaiah's leadership, Trellis is a one of kind eCommerce solutions agency that is able to offer an entire technology and marketing solution from conception to healthy growth in online sales.

Topic: Technology Development of an E-Commerce Platform

Charlie Alsmiller - CEO of Enspir. Charlie is a proven international entrepreneur and thought leader. Expert in online business models, software as a service, cutting-edge sales/marketing techniques and global delivery models. Mr. Alsmiller is a veteran of multiple start-ups, including investor/VC backed startups and bootstrapped organizations. In 2008, he founded Appterra, Inc, which he built from scratch into one of the top business to business (B2B) integration firms in the world. In 2016 he sold Appterra to Descartes Systems Group (NASDAQ: DSGX). Mr Alsmiller currently serves under appointment from the Secretary of Commerce on the North Texas District Export Council. In 2017 he founded Enpir Ventures to rapidly build and deploy SaaS solutions. He previously held senior positions with Price Waterhouse, Deloitte Consulting and Allegro Development.Mr. Alsmiller holds a BBA from Baylor University in Management and Information Systems and a MBA from the University of Dallas in International Business.

Topic: B2B Sales Model in E-commerce

Arnie Kuenn - CEO at Vertical MeasuresArnie Kuenn is an internationally recognized speaker and author who generously shares his 30+ years of entrepreneurial and digital marketing expertise. He is the co-author of Content Marketing Works and author of Accelerate. Arnie speaks to and trains thousands of people every year all around the world.

Topic: Selling B2C trhough E-Commerce

Tina Mani - CEO at YFret (Why Fret)Tina is the founder of YFret - an AI enabled marketing technology platform with a mission to simplify data driven marketing and make it very easy for B2C marketers to engage their customers with the right content on the right channel at the right time. 

Topic: Customer Engagement in the Digital Age - The Opportunity and Challenge

Elshan Baloghlanov - Managing Director at WCC International. Elshan is a trade specialist  expert in import-export management that is helping businesses conduct cross-border trade and help them move goods, services, processing/packaging equipment and intermediate materials across international borders of the United States. His organization is helping companies selling via e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Etsy, etc.) with their warehouse near the port of Baltimore and Washington International Airport (BWI) that allows businesses to accept, store, consolidate and ship their goods to any destination in the world.

Topic: E-commerce as a platform to Export/Import your Products.

Carlos Goyco - Co-founder & CEO of Libros787. Carlos co-founded Libros787 after devastating Hurricane Maria in order to reinvent himself and with the aim of opening new markets to local Puerto Rican authors and connecting them to Puerto Ricans living outside the island. Prior to that, Carlos gained experience in the book industry while working in the marketing department for JR Blue Label, a leading company in book distribution in Puerto Rico, After being part of the pre-accelerator program, the company has recently being selected to be part of the 5th generation of the Parallel 18 Accelerator Program, the leader in the island. Carlos holds a BBA in International Business from the Pontifical Catholic University in Puerto Rico and a Masters in Sport Management from the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain.

Topic: Entrepreneuring with an E-commerce Business.



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