Security and Financial Aspects of Doing Business in Mexico

Posted by: Arturo Zamarripa, Guanajuato Director on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

On August 14th, our team at Global Chamber Guanajuato presented the globinar: Security and Financial Aspects of Doing Business in Mexico.

The intent was to provide key information and resources about security and financial aspects that can be used by companies exploring and growing in the Mexican market.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Couldn't attend, view the event by clicking below.

You can watch the event HERE.

Our distinguished panel:

  • Trevor Jones - Co-Founder at Lynx Global Intelligence
  • Raymundo Rodriguez - General Manager for Kastell Consulting in Guanajuato
  • Steve Shefveland - Founder and Managing Director, Emerging Global Services.

Trevor Jones of Lynx Global Intelligence mentioned that when thinking about establishing a business in Mexico there are some key aspects that can be taken into account in order to prevent potential treats during this process. This includes to take into consideration specific software solutions such as the software presented in this event. This software can gather specific information according to the company´s needs.

Raymundo Rodriguez of Kastell Consulting provided an insight of the current situation happening in Mexico as far as international trade and political issues that are relevant in business. This company is expert in tax solutions and can provide a guide through any process in setting up your company in Mexico. Steve from Emerging Global Services mentioned the importance to have a reliable partner to guide you through this process.

Steve Shefveland of Emerging Global Services presented a series of potential problems when setting up a call center such as the one they have in Hermosillo. This includes dealing with local laws and choosing the right location for the business.

We thank our participants for providing this detailed information that is extremely valuable not only for the shortcuts it could provide but also because is reliable information straight from the source. The speakers are experts in their field and they make themselves available to help with counsel and offer their services to the Global Chamber community.

In the case of Lynx.. the service of their software could be extended at a government level and track crime activity to potential investment areas. Kastell... offers support in tax reduction and setting up a business. Emerging Global Services... offers their service as a reliable option.

Please watch for more events on growing in Mexico and beyond!

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