Globinar Wrap-up on Agriculture: Updates and Opportunities

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Our discussion was with leaders in agribusiness who discussed the current state of the agriculture markets around the world, and their tips on opportunities for others to grow globally. This event was focused on agribusiness including food and beverage around the world.

It's the fourth agricultural revolution... happening faster and with more impact than any other major transition over the past 10,000 years. Watch and listen HERE.

The discussion was led off by Umberto Torresan, who shared an overview of some of the major changes impacting the industry today. He discussed drones, sensors, big data and software that is already being used to grow more, more profitably. Then Dannie Pereida translated those changes into techniques that she is implementing today - transforming agriculture in Mexico and the world.

Next James Rolin and Kathy Rolin talked about a new growth area - raising insects for for food consumption - and in particular, crickets. They are changing the foods of the future through new ideas and techniques, breaking paradigms. Finally Omar El-naggar discussed the dynamics of the fruit and other foods markets in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, primarily. There have been some major changes in the past few years.

Goal: Hear from leaders on current challenges and opportunities for growth in Agricultural business.

Who Should Listen: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, EVPs of finance, sales, marketing and more, in agribusiness.


00:00 – Multi-Metro Globinar begins

  • Umberto Torresan - Global Corporate Development at Cortiva Agriscience (DowDupont) (North Carolina, US)

  • Dannie Pereida - Co-founder of Verstand Technologies / Agropro (Mexico) 

  • Omar El-naggar - Bloom Fruit Consultants (Spain)

  • James Rolin and Kathy Rolin - Cowboy Cricket Farms (Montana, US)

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Speaker Biographies

Umberto Torresan - Global Corporate Development at Corteva Agriscience. When he is not working in Global Corporate Development for Corteva Agriscience, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, Umberto Torresan is busy keeping up with the latest developments in agricultural and food technologies at "Farm of the Future, Inc." Umberto also leads his ag-tech consulting company, "PrecisionAg Solutions, Inc." Finally, Umberto is also CEO of the leadership and international business consulting company "New Century Leader." Prior to joining DuPont Umberto held various business and corporate development jobs in the industrial sector at Dow Chemical and then at Honeywell International. Umberto’s specialty is to open up markets and countries where his company is not present yet and devise alternative business models to penetrate new market spaces. Umberto speaks fluent Italian, English, French and Spanish and has an intermediate knowledge of German. Umberto holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Philosophy from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Italy; a MA in Communications and Public Affairs from American University in Washington, D.C. and a MBA with a concentration in marketing and finance from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Topic: Agribusiness Technology and Innovation in 2018


Dannia Pereida  - Co-founder of AGROPRO. Dannia is best described as having a passionate personality and always looking for new opportunities to create positive changes in the world. She holds bachelor's degrees in Business Economics and Business Management from the University of Arizona; and a master’s degree in Foreign Trade and Customs at the University of Sonora. She has worked with both corporate and business ventures and has participated in trainings at Silicon Valley technology and high impact business accelerators; As well as go-to-market and innovation programs from Stanford and Harvard Universities. She enjoys learning and sharing her experiences in the development of business models, sales, customer relationship management and marketing. She is actively involved in campaigns to collect funds and resources for nonprofit organizations. In 2014 she cofounded Verstand Technologies, where her main job is being the Commercial Director of AGROPRO, a venture with the mission is to develop and provide technologies to make agriculture more efficient and sustainable in the world. Nowadays, AGROPRO has international growth with presence in 10 countries, alliances with world renowned organizations, and it has been recognized as a high-impact venture in the Mexican entrepreneurship ecosystem for having a disruptive and scalable business model of double nature, on the one hand, generating wealth and employment, and on the other hand, looking for social and environmental benefits, as an innovative talent source and inspiration to transform the world. 

Topic: AgTech application in Mexico


Omar El-naggar - Founder and General Manager of Bloom Fruit Consultants. Omar spent the last 15 years of his career in the commercial side of the fresh produce export business, exporting/selling fresh produce to worldwide retailers and wholesalers. The last 7 years were focused on matching global producers with key global retailers and wholesalers with emphasis of providing commercial consultancy to producers. In addition to consulting, Bloom Fruit also trades some citrus, grapes, pomegranates and very soon avocadoes.  Omar has worked for organizations in Spain (SanLucar Fruit S.L.) and Egypt (PICO Modern Agriculture) to expand their distribution globally to markets like Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, UK, Canada, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.  Omar has an excellent track record of entering new global markets through finding key retailers and wholesalers who will commit to annual programs with producers. As a survivor of the December 26th, 2004 boxing day Asian tsunami, Omar has found a deep-rooted belief in the power of people, even in the most challenging of times, by reaching out to others, helping or accepting help, hope thrives and brings with it incredible opportunity.  Omar holds a BA in Mass Communications and Business Administration from the American University in Cairo and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona, U.S.A. Born in Calcutta, India to Egyptian parents, lived mostly in Egypt, partially educated in the U.S. and currently living between Valencia, Spain and Cairo, Egypt.

Topic: Update on Agricultural Trade - Fruits


Kathy Rolin - Founder of Cowboy Cricket Farms. Kathy born in Michigan. She is currently attending Montana State University, after completing her six-year stint of service in the United States Coast Guard. At Montana State University she diligently studies nutrition, when she is not taking care of her three children with her husband James Rolin. All work and no play tends to make for a very dull life so, Kathy enjoys hiking and rock climbing to get a breath of the fresh Montana air.

James Rolin - Co-founder of Cowboy Cricket Farms. James was born in sunny California, where he started his first company at the age of 14 doing web design—leading to 15 years of marketing experience. Like his wife Kathy, he too joined the United States Coast Guard—this is where James and Kathy met. James decided to leave the coast guard after six years, but his call for duty lead him back to the service this time with the Montana Army National Guard, where he currently serves. When he is not getting his hands dirty with crickets or taking care of his children, James likes to hike, rock climb and work on automobiles.

Topic: New Products in the Market - Cricket Farms


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