Global Wrap-up Product Exporters Axon, Kimmie Candies and Quia Cle

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Sunday, October 7, 2018

This globinar discussion was for exporters, importers and cross-border investors looking to be more effective in their global business. 

We spoke with experienced exporters about their experiences and tips for companies to reach new markets. 

Click HERE to watch and listen to this globinar. If there's no link behind the word HERE, it may take a few days.

A special thank you to all our speakers!


  • Joseph Dutra - CEO of Kimmie Candy Co.
  • Rafi Soule - President/CEO of QuiaCle Technology Solutions (pronounced  KEY  - a - clay)
  • Jonathan Randle - Export Compliance Mgr, Axon (note: Taser Int'l is now Axon)

This was a fun mix of exporters, and we heard a variety of tips...

  • Know the rules especially in the compliance area.
  • "It's easier to get into trouble than to get out of it."
  • Be strategic in how and where you do your outsourcing.
  • Have your logistics team work closely with business and sales.
  • Plan for bad surprises - like when Kimmie Candies UK distributor went out of business.
  • Get to know your customers very well. People-to-people exchange is a good investment.
  • Leverage resources to grow including foreign currency exchange.
  • Utilize resources like Global Chamber and Maryland Commerce.
  • Stay flexible on your channel development - indirect vs. direct.
  • Your channel may look different country to country, and with time.
  • Keep your eyes open for new opportunities.
  • Never do anything illegal.


Joseph Dutra - CEO of Kimmie Candy Co. Joe hails from Sacramento, California where he began his career journey. As a farmer, he excelled in the various agricultural field he ventured before transitioning into entrepreneurship in the late 1980s.  After that in 2000, he was thrilled to pursue a different rare opportunity that happened to him, and came up with the concept of establishing a confectionary company; after inputting much work, Kimmie Candy was born. At the outset, Joe manufactured all of his confections in Korea. However, in 2007, with a quest to do exploits in his field and a passion for creating local U.S. jobs, he relocated his entire operation “on-shore” to Reno, Nevada, building a state-of-the-art, candy production facility in the process. As someone with strong work ethics and sound knowledge in the confections industry, he constantly demonstrates persistence and resourcefulness in finding and creating innovative solutions that support and grows the company. Nine years after inception, Joe’s confection manufacturing company has established a large client-base, servicing all across the U.S., and encompassing more than 13 international countries. Gearing towards achieving his dream of business expansion, Kimmie Candy was on January 1, 2017, forced to move into a newly renovated, 47,000 square foot facility that will allow his business to expand its capabilities even further. Kimmie is a confectionary masterpiece, known for exceptional products, including one of the original Sunbursts®, and the prestigious, "2003 Product of the Year" award-winning ChocoRocks®. Joe blends both his over three decades of experience in entrepreneurial ventures and his explicit knowledge in candy manufacturing business to craft only the finest, purest, panned, chocolate confectioneries. Kimmie sweets are made with all natural and wholesome ingredients; a work of art with a taste as good as they look. The multi-award winner has bags of multiple awards to his shelves which he got through his candy business. To mention but a few: Joe’s candy company is one of the recipients of a Presidential E-Award for excellence in exporting in May 2016 at the Commerce Department in Washington DC, emerging the first candy company ever to win the award, and also creating the history of being only the ninth company from the State of Nevada! The most recent honor was on July 17, 2017, when Kimmie Candy was requested to represent the State of Nevada and the confectionery industry at the first-ever, Made in America Expo! In the White House.

Rafi Soule - President and CEO of QuiaCle Technology Solutions, Inc. Rafi (PMP, ITIL, CSM) is the founder of the QuiaCle Institute of Technology & Management (QITM), the founder of ChannelRafi and the CEO of QuiaCle Technology Solutions, Inc (QuiaCle). QITM is a global education center that runs a comprehensive IT/Management training and apprenticeship program with expert instructors. ChannelRafi is a hub for information, education and transformation using talks, workshops, conferences and contents that are enlighten, inspiring, motivating and transformative. QuiaCle Technology is a Maryland-based company that provides IT Solutions consisting of computing hardware, software, and all the associated peripherals that are needed to deliver information products, services and consulting to businesses large and small in the US and in global markets. Prior to founding QuiaCle, Rafi has worked as a Consultant in Information Technology. She began working as a contractor for the Department of Defense/Military Health System Cyberinfrastructure Services, within the Customer Relationship Management Directorate. Previously to that, she worked with PAE, a LockheedMartin company, as an Audit Systems Analyst. Her expertise lies in the conceptual development of several projects (such as Infrastructure, construction, demobilization, and logistical & training). Rafi obtained a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering from The George Washington University and a Master Certificate in Systems Design & Project Leadership from Cornell University. She was a 2008 Science & Technology Fellow with the National Academy of Engineering in Washington, DC. Her research focused on developing a system analysis plan o how radio frequency identification (RFID) will help improve the nation's security system. This technology allows sensitive information, such as the biometric data that is stored on the "new card" with an RFID chip, to be securely read and tamper-proof stored. She collaborates in developing a simulation model to compare the average time between the new system and the old one, for each person (includes both service time and waiting time).

Jonathan Randle - Export Compliance Manager at Axon. Jonathan is the Export Compliance Manager at Axon Enterprise, Inc. (formerly TASER International). Jonathan oversees the international trade compliance program in Axon’s legal department. He is responsible for ensuring compliance with export laws and economic sanctions programs, customs laws, FCPA and anti-bribery laws. Jonathan received his undergraduate degree in Spanish from Arizona State University and his Juris Doctorate from Arizona Summit Law School. Jonathan began his career in the legal department at Honeywell as an Export Compliance Investigator. At Honeywell, Jonathan investigated potential violations of export laws and regulations, drafted voluntary disclosures to the Government, and implemented corrective actions. Additionally, Jonathan worked as a Senior Consultant in the Global Trade practice at Ernst & Young, LLP where he advised companies on compliance with U.S. and international export laws/regulations, drafted policies and procedures and conducted regulatory audits. Jonathan enjoys helping facilitate compliant growth.

Moderator: Doug Bruhnke - Founder/CEO of Global Chamber. Doug founded Global Chamber with plan to grow in 195 countries... everywhere!  He was born in Mt. Kisco, New York and is a two-time expat with the Dupont Company (Tokyo & Singapore). He has worked in nearly every global market segment with travel to over 60 countries. Doug is a member of the Arizona District Export Council, past president of Global Ties Arizona and regional advisor for U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Utah and an EMBA from Michigan State University.




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