Global Wrap-up on New Healthcare Opportunities

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Saturday, October 20, 2018

This Global Chamber® globinar was targeted for business leaders looking to expand their relationships with partners and clients in the healthcare industry around the world.

There are specific aspects in terms of policies, regulations and cross-border characteristics that vary from region to region that are key to grow success. And so we spoke with experts in healthcare to provide information, insights and tips to share opportunities and expand your business.

Watch the event HERE.

Our experts from around the world were...

  • Ricardo Vanella - International Team Member at Meditar (Argentina): Telemedicine Implementation in Latin America. Ricardo discussed the implementation of telemedicine systems in Argentina and Latin America to more effectively get healthcare services to people.

  • Tatyana Kanzaveli - Founder/CEO at Open Health Network (Bay Area): Technology in Healthcare: AI, Blockchain & Big Data. Tatyana shared a healthcare network concept that is rolling out that incorporates patient-centered care.

  • Dr. Krishna Karthik Bhogavalli - International Health Consultant (Austria): AI in the Indian Healthcare Market. Krishna discussed how technology including artificial intelligence is and will be used to make early diagnose of a variety of illnesses.

  • Alejandro Infante - Founder of Procursum Medical (Miami area): Opportunities for Medical Technology in Emerging Markets. Alejandro shared some of the opportunities in emerging markets to optimize reach, cost and effectiveness.

  • Miroslaw Manicki - Health Financial Consultant (Poland): Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare for a Single-Payer System. Miroslaw discussed how public-private partnerships are already being used for a single-payer system and how they can be leveraged for new systems in other regions.



Ricardo Vanella - Global Chamber® Buenos Aires and International Team Member at Meditar. He is a global specialist in strategic positioning, international marketing and business development, with almost 30 years of experience providing consultancy services for corporations, multilateral organizations, and NGOs around the world. He has counseled many private companies in a wide variety of industries, and held different management positions. Ricardo is an experienced orator and speechwriter, author of books, case studies and articles on a wide range of fields. He has also been a producer and presenter of TV and radio shows, and is frequently invited to lecture at universities in the Americas and Europe. He is the chair professor of International marketing and strategic positioning at the International Master in Food Technology, at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) as well as professor of Strategic intelligence at the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA). Ricardo is a U.S. Department of State alumnus  and a William Perry CHDS alumnus at National Defense University, U.S. Department of Defense. He is the founder of the Argentine-American Network for Leadership as well as of IANAmericas, the Inter-American Network of Alumni Associations from U.S. exchange programs.  He is also the first non-American Board Member of Global Ties U.S. and a Board Member of the Inter-American Defense College Foundation. He has a degree in Law (State University of Cordoba, Argentina), an MBA from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and a specialization in International Business at the American University of Paris (France). The Government of Italy awarded Ricardo as "Knight of the Star Order." 

Topic: Telemedicine Implementation in Latin America


Tatyana Kanzaveli - Founder/CEO at Open Health Network. Tatyana is a seasoned entrepreneur, thinker, leader, mentor, advisor and investor. She has held senior executive roles at large enterprises and startups and has extensive B2B and B2C experiences. She is the CEO & Founder of Open Health Network, a smart mobile health platform. She is also a Resident Mentor at 500 Startups, Mentor at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, an Advisor to Activity Hero, is the CEO of TEDxBayArea, and the Executive Sales, Social CRM, Social Media/Network Marketing, Business Development Consultant for Social CRM World. Tatyana was previously featured on the White House Science and Technology Blog and had the opportunity to demo her Open Health Network platform at the First White House Demo Day hosted by the President Obama. She has spoken at the United Nations and many international and US conferences. She was recognized as one of top 10 Influential Women In Health IT in 2015.

Topic: Technology in Healthcare: AI, Blockchain & Big Data


Dr. Krishna Karthik Bhogavalli -  International Health Consultant at HIH Inc. After finishing his Bachelors in Medicine, he wanted to do more in the field of health. The idea was to learn something valuable on both sides of healthcare – to get a clinical and managerial insight. The last two years in Austria have taught Dr. Bhogavalli a lot about different health systems around the world. This knowledge was improved in the course of his Master's studies, as it was also a part of the curriculum to have a profound understanding of the European and US health systems. A two month visiting doctor position in Germany helped reinforce the knowledge and understanding.

Topic: AI in the Indian Healthcare Market


Alejandro Infante - Founder of Procursum Medical. Alejandro Infante is the founder of Procursum Medical and a Managing Director with Kybora Emerging Markets. Alejandro was President of International with Hill-Rom and President of the Americas with Hospira, prior to that he held numerous executive positions in international markets with Hospira and Abbott Laboratories. Alejandro is a global, senior executive with more than 30 years of experience in healthcare in international markets. Alejandro is also an M&A advisor for life-science transactions, abusiness owner and an entrepreneur.

 Topic: Opportunities for Medical Technology in Emerging Markets


Miroslaw Manicki - Health FInancial Consultant at ZG Worldwide Consultants and Founder of Olympialands Miroslaw is a senior executive with the vision, ambition and talent to make things happen. Commencing his career as a medical doctor in Poland, Miroslaw soon identified his true calling was in driving reforms across the healthcare sectors in many countries for the greater good. He was trained as a physician healthcare executive, expert in managing large healthcare organizations and driving healthcare reforms at the highest operational and political levels, while delivering consensus from influential stakeholders (Health in All Policies - an integral health governance, policy, and action). Acknowledged for comprehensive knowledge of health systems throughout Europe and Asia, vast centre of influential contacts, and operational leadership. Experienced in achieving permanent cooperation with international partners. Now ready for his next opportunity, Miroslaw seeks a senior executive role in both public and private sector, in areas of service innovation, strategy and value, or internal communications where building relationships is core to success. Learn about his books HERE.

Topic: Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare Sector for a Single-Payer System



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