Recap Buying/Selling a Business Across Metros/Borders

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Friday, November 16, 2018

This Global Chamber Globinar was for business leaders proactively thinking about buying or selling a business across metros and borders. We discussed mergers, acquisitions and more from both the buy and sell sides. Attendees could attend in person or via zoom.

For this one we went a few minutes over one hour to handle a few more questions.

Watch the full event HERE.

This was a REALLY a good one!

Besides the skills of this group of experts, it was shared that you should also have others in your personal circle including someone for due diligence, business valuation and accounting/tax.

If you'd like to reach any of the speakers - please contact them directly or if need help, send us an e-mail to

We'll definitely be having more programs like this in 2019. If you'd like to be a speaker on this topic or others, please contact us.


  • Bill Miller - Managing Director and Partner at Clear Growth Capital

  • Amrish Patel - CEO/Founder at Global Wealth Strategies.

  • Mike Patterson - Principal at Spencer Fane

  • Kevin Hull - Sr. Relationship Manager at BMO Harris Bank

  • Ziv Bendor - Managing Partner at Pinewell Capital

Moderator: Doug Bruhnke, CEO/Founder of Global Chamber

Follow-up question: How one can find a business for sale (or investment.)? One person mentioned the Trade Department’s Gold Key service, but that is traditionally for foreign countries. Is there any other common place to find those?  

Ziv Bendor: There are various methods, but some likely depend on country of origin. If you're in the US, there are many “MLS” like portals that list businesses for sale: mergernetwork, dealforce, bankersbay, and a slew of others one can find with google searches. Contacting brokers that may specialize in industry or size may also be a route. 
Kevin Hull: Contacting business brokers who specialize in certain industries is a good way to start the search process and can be accomplished via a Google search. Connecting with an investment banking firm too, such as Bill’s firm Clear Growth Capital, is a good way to identify potential opportunities and/or to obtain introductions to other key centers of introduction.
Mike Patterson: With a couple parameters like budget, type of industry, etc., those on this panel can point you in the right direction. Also, if there is a non-US buyer involved (inbound), we want to know if the buyer would like to seek some immigration status along with the purchase (i.e. “E” class E-1, E-2, EB5 etc. where you can buy a business and obtain visa status) or whether the buyer would want to structure it so that at the 1 year point, there is availability to transfer some key personnel from the foreign jurisdiction Parent to the US subsidiary (i.e. “L” class visas, etc.).
Bill Miller: I echo what has been suggested above on how buyers, including international buyers, can find companies to consider. From my experience, smaller companies in the range of $5-10MM in revenue are typically handled by business brokers. Due to the smaller size, brokers typically cannot deploy the resources and direct marketing as they can with larger firms, and therefore owners can make use of sites such as Business for Sale, Mergernetwork, Mergerplace, etc. I often refer smaller companies to brokers, and one of the best is Business Brokers International in California and Arizona.

Investment banks such as my own - Clear Growth Capital - handle companies over $15MM in annual revenue typically for capital placement or M&A. Investment banks will first do extensive research on the potential buyers and will go direct to see which have interest. Investment banks also spend time preparing client information summaries before going to market, and sometimes they will list smaller companies on Axial.   

The key parameters to qualify buyers are: industry, revenue and earnings levels, states of interest, etc. The broker or investment bank will also need to qualify the buyer or buyer group before sharing information. 


Speaker Biographies

Bill Miller - Managing Director and Partner at Clear Growth Capital.  Bill is a Partner at Clear Growth Capital, an established advisory and placement boutique investment banking firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona USA.  Clear Growth Capital serves CEOs of mid-sized companies in western states with two major areas of focus: growth capital options for mid-sized businesses and M&A services.  Bill's activities include mergers & acquisitions including pre-consulting, valuation, confidential campaigns, qualifying prospective buyers, negotiations, and due diligence.

For capital options services, Clear Growth Capital serves strong emerging growth companies revenues between $10-200MM.  Clear Growth Capital develops institutional capital options over $1 million and also offers M&A options for owners/CEOs for gradual exit or a sale. Bill is a FINRA compliant and licensed individual with deep experience in California, Texas and Arizona. The firm focuses on companies in the Western US.

Amrish Patel - CEO/Founder at Global Wealth Strategies.  Amrish is a wealth management professional and business consultant with almost two decades of experience in the financial services industry. He began his career in Financial Services in 2001, when he joined the Merrill Lynch Private Wealth Management Group in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona. After providing comprehensive wealth management solutions to high net‐worth retail and institutional clients for five years, he founded Global Wealth Strategies in 2006, a comprehensive boutique financial services firm that focuses on advising professionals in the healthcare, technology and hospitality industries. 

Amrish pioneered the “Financial Engineering” model to provide a one‐stop ensemble of trusted, personalized investment and wealth management services for high net-worth individuals and businesses. He also introduced the “C.A.R.E.” model of Health and Wealth with a focus on the medical professional industry. In addition, he created the “GWS Alpha Advantage”, a comprehensive program of adding alpha to a client’s portfolio using financial engineering and a holistic global investment approach for exemplary portfolio performance.

Amrish is extremely passionate about providing personalized financial solutions to individuals and their businesses. He is often a guest speaker at national financial conventions, presenting on the topics of estate planning, asset protection, investment diversification, business growth and business acquisition/exit strategies. Amrish is an active member of the Indian Community and a follower of AZ India Times. Professionally, he is actively working with the Indian Physician Community and AAPI, American Association of Physician of Indian Origin. 

Mike Patterson - Attorney at Spencer Fane. Mike helps businesses navigate corporate, compliance and securities matters. He has extensive experience in domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, equity and debt offerings, foreign direct investment, EB-5 investments, distribution, agency and licensing matters and market entry strategies. He efficiently resolves legal matters by identifying key issues, focusing resources, and executing on a plan. 

Mike also regularly advises U.S. and foreign clients in connection with the establishment, structuring, and compliance for international operations, including the establishment of international distribution networks. Also known as “Miguel” after a decade-long stint living and working in Central America, he reads, writes, speaks and negotiates in Spanish. In addition, he has done legal work for clients in Canada, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Kevin Hull - Sr. Relationship Manager at BMO Harris Bank. Kevin is an experienced business banking professional and has been in banking since 1987, building business relationships and providing credit and cash management solutions to privately owned organizations. He enables clients to improve or protect profit-margins, increase cash flow and manage risk. Current and past customers include locally based manufacturers, distribution, and service companies; especially those who either import / export products to foreign markets.
Kevin has an expertise working with business owners and financial managers on the challenges of cash flow forecasting, export financing, cross border treasury solutions, foreign exchange risk management, business acquisition financing, real estate acquisition, business development, working capital solutions, financial analysis, and networking. Kevin is leading our Programs & Events Committee.

Ziv Bendor - Managing Partner at Pinewell Capital. Ziv oversees deal-sourcing, strategy formulation and ongoing operating support for Pinewell’s portfolio companies. Ziv has over 17 years of both operational and management consulting experience in start-ups, small and large companies across various industries including B2B & B2C products and services, manufacturing, distribution/logistics and energy. Prior to Pinewell, Ziv had operational experience as Founder & CEO of Platform Dental and as a strategy exec at a small CPG manufacturing company alongside extensive management consulting experience in the capacity of Associate Partner/Principal at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company). Ziv holds an MBA with distinction from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BSBA with distinction from the University of Arizona.


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