Success through Warm Connections: Argentina to the US, and Back

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Friday, November 23, 2018

The reason that our Global Chamber® worldwide team focuses extra efforts each day on warm introductions for members is that THEY WORK. We continually seeking to understand what each member needs, and then we make warm introductions to prospective clients, partners, resources and other people, to assist their growth and business success across metros and borders.

One recent success story came from a couple introductions, resulting in the creation of an overseas office, an innovation award and a very large business deal in healthcare.

The first introduction was between healthcare leader Meditar (Argentina) and the City of Surprise (Arizona) for a home-base in the US.  The Surprise Economic Development team shared their AZ TechCelerator, a city-owned business innovation center offering international companies a unique Global Concierge Services program, or a “Soft Landing”. It was a great fit!

That program by Surprise helps companies with a desire to expand into the U.S. with a solution requiring less upfront costs and risks, and with more support. This year the program was accepted into the Global Soft Landings Network by the International Business Incubation Association (lnBIA), and it is now one of 31 members in more than 8 countries with lnBIA Soft Landings designation. 

Several international companies have landed at the AZ TechCelerator including: Glympt (Portugal), Excoro (Romania), Tellspec (Canada), MagQu (Taiwan) and Meditar (Argentina). Surprise won a regional business innovation award for the program.

Meditar leveraged their US location to receive another warm introduction from Global Chamber® to Scottsdale-based GlobalMed, a worldwide leader in telemedicine. The results were a perfect fit... and the subsequent business deal has resulted in several regions in Argentina committing to use the solution, with many millions of dollars of opportunity to come.

We congratulate CEO Erwin Padinger (above right), Ricardo Vanella (above left) and the team at Meditar! There's more work to do... but clearly things are on the right track. The picture was taken as part of a visit by Meditar to the headquarters of Global Chamber® this month.

We also congratulate Jeanine Jerkovic, Mayor Wolcott and the entire team at City of Surprise for your innovation, and for winning the award!

And we congratulate the team at Globalmed led by CEO Joel Barthelemy. Keep up the good work including completing and expanding on the successful implementation. Thank you ALL for your support and collaboration.

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