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Posted by: Ricardo Rivera - Insight Premium Travel on Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Is premium class travel currently unattainable for your organization?
Or if you do sponsor your team's premium class experience, do you feel like you're spending too much? 
My name is Ricardo Rivera and I lead Insight Premium Travel - not your typical corporate travel company. We're a member of Global Chamber with a home chapter of San Diego, CA.
We work with executives and companies all over the world. We're not a corporate travel company at all. At Insight Premium Travel we aim to do one of two things, either: 1) make international premium class travel attainable for your business, or 2) significantly reduce your current international premium travel expenses; oh and we'll save you the many hours of work that it takes to make this happen while we're at it.
Our hands-on experience on points and miles valuation, loyalty programs, airline partnerships, and travel routings facilitates the design of points and miles earning strategies that allow your business individuals to travel in premium class, more often than not for less than the cost of flying coach! That makes travel easier, contributing to better quality trips overall and higher employee retention, too.
Rather than offering 'one size fits all' type packages, we partner with our customers to learn their intricate travel needs and design a strategy that fits their business model quite specifically. Upon helping them establish a steady source of points and miles for their organization, we utilize specialized software and years of first hand experience to find creative and opaque solutions to book flights on desirable routings, airlines, and aircrafts.
While banks and airlines make it very easy to earn points and miles, the same airlines seem to make it as difficult as possible for you to redeem them for maximum value. Most of the time this inventory cannot be found by your average corporate travel departments or online search engines. So this is has become a key part of the value that we provide.
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Did you know: Bank Travel Transferable Programs are the most versatile and flexible tool in your search for premium class award space. Learn more about how you can leverage this tool in our latest blog post: Points or miles, which one should you earn?

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