Toyota and JETRO on the Evolving Workforce in Japan/Asia

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

In this globinar we had a conversation about how the evolving workforce in Asia is creating new opportunities. Our expert speakers provided tips for you to help guide business growth in Asia and beyond. 

How fast is the workforce changing? What are the implications for business? Who is leading in these areas and how are they doing it? 

How is increased diversity driving innovation and business growth?

Watch the globinar HERE.

In addition to our speakers being in Tokyo and Baltimore/Washington, US, we had an event in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona USA - see the photo here. Thank you to our members in the garden... a many decades long project between the sister cities of Himeji, Japan and Phoenix. We encourage you to contact us for more information about the expansion of the garden... Japanese Friendship Garden, 1125 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003


 - Leila Aridi Afas - Director, Int'l Public Policy, Toyota North America

 - Sachiko Yoshimura - Director-General, Trade Fair Department at JETRO

 - Claudio Toyama - CEO/founder of Toyama&Co


Thank you to JETRO and Toyota North America for sharing Leila and Sachiko for an educational hour! Thank you to Claudio Toyama for his time as well.

Speaker Biographies

Leila Aridi Afas - Director, International Public Policy, Toyota North America. In her leadership role at Toyota Motor, Leila collaborates with Toyota's external affairs and corporate strategy teams to help develop and advocate positions on global issues, as well as monitor and report on geopolitical trends impacting the mobility industry by working with Toyota's global consulting firms, think tanks and other organizations. Leila also augments Toyota's government affairs operations in emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia and Latin America, where the company has business operations. She has more than 15 years' experience in international trade and investment, project development and finance, government relations and strategic communications. Leila is frequently invited to speak at global business conferences and author articles and other thought pieces. Prior to joining Toyota, she served as an appointee for President Obama at the U.S. Trade and Development (USTDA).

Sachiko Yoshimura - Director-General, Trade Fair Department at JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization). Ms. Yoshimura is a Director-General of JETRO based in Tokyo. Previously she supervised operations at JETRO Los Angeles, promoting trade and investment between Japan and the United States in sectors such as biotechnology, medical devices, environmental technologies, food and cultural products, as well as entertainment content. Earlier she was the Director of Intellectual Property Division assisting Japanese companies in protecting their intellectual properties in various countries. Her 28 year tenure has allowed her to amass a wealth of experience in international trade affairs, research and economic analysis to support Japanese companies, especially small and medium enterprises in their efforts to expanding business overseas. Ms. Yoshimura graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo with a Bachelors degree in English Literature.

Claudio Toyama - CEO and Founder of Toyama&Co. Claudio is committed to raising the awareness of people around the world so that they live full and fulfilled lives at work and at home. Claudio's ability to create paradigm shifts in organizations results in more thoughtful leadership, a staff of brand ambassadors and customers who feel the difference and embrace it. He is an International best-selling author and award-winning speaker and the CEO of Toyama&Co., an International leadership consultancy specializing in the small shifts that produce big results. He has delivered projects in 113 countries, has traveled to over 40 of them and has lived in 5 different countries on four continents. He is a Forbes contributor, a sought after international speaker and a featured guest on TV, including NBC and FOX, where Claudio shares his unique expertise on Leadership and Company Culture. He lives with his daughter outside Washington, DC (USA).


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