Growth Consultant Grows Through the Global Chamber

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Wednesday, December 26, 2018
As a leading business growth consultant, Doug Wendt has spent his career advising CEOs on strategies to successfully generate and sustain new revenue. Being a part of the Global Chamber has paid dividends for Wendt, and it’s a partnership he enthusiastically recommends to others.
Doug and his late wife, Alice, founded Wendt Partners twelve years ago to provide growth strategy consulting to companies in the business-to-business (B2B) sector, including firms in the technology, professional services and industrial markets. By bringing together business strategy, brand strategy, sales, marketing and CRM, the Wendt Partners methodology provides emerging and middle-market B2B companies with a Business Growth Playbook to drive organic revenue growth to the next level.
“Lots of B2B companies find themselves stuck on a growth plateau where the approach to growth that worked yesterday fundamentally cannot sustain new growth tomorrow,” says Wendt. “That's where we come in, helping the CEO to re-envision the business and its growth opportunities for the future.”
Wendt Partners does this, in part, by providing outsourced Chief Growth Officers who can devise and help implement new strategies alongside the client firm’s CEO. “The Chief Growth Officer brings together business strategy expertise with an understanding of brand positioning, sales, marketing and customer management so that there’s one unified voice and vision for the company’s growth,” Wendt adds.
Doug Wendt first learned of Global Chamber at an event held by the Baltimore/Washington chapter. Impressed with the quality of the contacts and conversations, Doug and Wendt Partners continued participating, and over the last two years, the firm added offices in Philadelphia and New York, expanding involvement across Global Chamber metro areas.
Membership in Global Chamber means that you're a member everywhere, opening doors that are not available through any other source. Warm introductions by Global Chamber connect members to new opportunities that support continued growth.
Today senior partner Doug Wendt is serving as an advisory board member for Global Chamber New York City as the firm grows from their new Queens office to the borough and beyond. “We believe in the vision of Global Chamber, particularly its focus on business relationships first rather than becoming too enmeshed in the politics of trade policy -– especially today,” Wendt says. “And growth-oriented companies need to look to other nations for new opportunities, whether they’re U.S.-based firms going abroad, or international firms looking to achieve a ‘soft landing’ in the U.S. marketplace. Either way, we want Wendt Partners and the Global Chamber to be partners in that transformation!”
From the original involvement with Global Chamber in Baltimore/Washington, to Philadelphia, and New York City, and beyond, we enjoy supporting the growth of Wendt Partners and all our members, from their HQ to the world.
Being part of our global tribe means being global and UNSTOPPABLE!
Wishing Wendt Partners and all our members more growth in 2019!
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