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Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Thursday, January 17, 2019

We spoke with expert business coaches on the topic of global leadership so that they would share the secrets of having more global impact in 2019... for your business and community.

Listen to the conversation HERE.

Stephanie Qualls discussed how leaders can accomplish more by removing their 'busy self'. She discussed the framework for a leadership approach that covered system, behaviors, self and social.

Gary Covert built on that idea of how to transcend being busy to lead. As Bill Gates was quoted recently, "busy is the new stupid." He shared ideas to minimize input while maximizing output and to improve productivity for leaders in their business and personal lives.

Michael Tucker discussed fitting more important work into an ever busy day. Do you gather the theme here for leaders? Michael talked about empathy and mindfulness, and how to use technology to advance results.

Susan Assadi is a premier marketing leader and so she talked about the leader's personal brand versus the company brand and how to best manage both. Susan also shared tips on getting your story told. Your story is the MOST important thing!

Monique Daigneault discussed changing your thought patterns to avoid distorted thinking and being derailed. She talked about how to get those thought patterns working in synch with what you wish to accomplish.

Additional questions that we weren't able to cover:
1) Outcomes arrive when you align objectives with people and make a full commitment, so how do you do to fulfill this commitment? Do you use any scoreboard?
Monique: If you're asking about what tools are used to track progress on objectives, my clients are using: Score Cards, OKR approach (a super interesting model) and KPI tracking.
Stephanie: Agreed, Monique. The first step is to enroll members of the organization in the performance objectives, and to establish a clear accountability process that includes clearly defining expectations; assuring necessary resources are identified and provided; following up; and, providing positive and negative consequences for performance. Metrics / scoreboards are an essential component of this process. People must have measures to which they can relate at their level (Shareholder return will not speak to someone on the front line), and their performance relative to those metrics must be visible and discussed.
Bonus: How does a leader keep from getting burned out? 
Monique: From the many senior leaders I coach, I find that the solution begins with them setting boundaries - boundaries with themselves and with others around them. Many suffer from Impostor Syndrome (which is a whole other topic in and of itself) but with this syndrome leaders feel they must 'do' and keep 'doing' to keep from disappointing others. They feel their worth is in what they 'do' not in who they 'are'. So they do not set boundaries and continue heaping their plate full of things to 'do' and show accomplishment.
There are of course many facets to Impostor Syndrome and to burn out.But this is the most common I'm seeing with the executive leaders that I coach. I have them start setting small boundaries with themselves (like shutting off their email once they get home, or leaving work at 5 pm instead of 9 pm). While they are practicing this we work on their Impostor symptoms and communication skills. Through proper communication techniques and building self esteem they can move on to communicating additional, larger, boundaries to others - including their boss. This can be a very painful process for some but the rewards are ten fold! One of my male clients received a promotion in half the time just from working on boundaries and Impostor Syndrome.
Stephanie: In our experience, focus on outcomes versus activities, as discussed by Gary during the session, helps with this.  In today’s corporate culture, no one wants to appear NOT to be busy – but the busy-ness that leads to burnout actually hinders delivery of results.

Speaker Biographies 

Stephanie Qualls - President and Founder of Hawk's Ridge Associates. Stephanie’s passion is working with clients to help them create an exciting vision of a high-performance future, and to bring that vision to life.  She is a consulting and coaching professional with over thirty years of business experience, including a mix of consulting, industry line leadership, and international staff roles in the manufacturing and energy and chemical industries. For the last twenty years, she has coached leaders to realize business performance improvement through leadership development and performance coaching combined with implementation of complex results-focused programs including project execution, integrated supply chain management, maintenance planning and scheduling, asset effectiveness, and major cost reduction applying Operational Excellence and process improvement management systems, and program management. Stephanie’s industry experience includes Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Chemical sectors, having helped clients to improve safety, reliability, production quality and throughput, cost, supply chain performance, contractor management, and project execution within the U.S. and in a range of international locations including Singapore, Tokyo, Equatorial Guinea, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Trinidad, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Topic: Emotional IQ & the 4 Fields of Performance


Gary Covert - Founder of Gary Covert Consulting.  Gary is an esteemed business leader, Gary received his BA in Japanese from Arizona State University and Masters in International Management from ASU’s Thunderbird School of Global Management. Gary has differentiated himself as a thought leader in international business. He has been involved in business development and sales teams and has extensive experience with an array of assessments and models, including proprietary approaches. He is a leader who has helped other leaders succeed. His passion for growing businesses and seeing people living to their full potential drove Gary to launch Alpha Performance Coaching in 2013. In 2018, he rebranded to Gary Covert Consulting to encompass all of the aspects of what he is able to provide to his clients. Prior to becoming a consultant, Gary held a number of business-development positions with global technology organizations. His industry experience outside of consulting includes mining, manufacturing, semiconductor, data storage, flat-panel displays, and thin-film-deposition processes. Gary was recognized as the first non-Japanese person hired to lead outside sales efforts for a Japanese company, where he established and supported key strategic partnerships that resulted in millions of dollars of new revenue growth through existing and new products. Gary is excited to help clients in tangible ways. Through his work, he has found that many leaders feel isolated and lacking resources. Asking what is perceived as “dumb” questions in the corporate world can be a career limitation, so by putting himself in his clients’ corner, he enables them to flourish.

Topic: Leadership Considerations in 2019


Michael Tucker - Founder at Tucker Strategic. Through his company, Michael consults, advises and coaches others who want to achieve goals that are important to them. He works side-by-side with visionary entrepreneurs and investors to accomplish business expanding and life-enhancing tasks and personal initiatives. Together with his clients, Michael rediscovers harmony and "flow" for their business and their life.

Topic: Leadership in Business and the Community


Susan Gitenstein Assadi - Co-founder and Chief Media Strategist at GAPR. Susan co-founded GAPR in 1992, a PR firm with an emphasis on expert and thought leadership campaigns. She is a highly respected national media strategist who helps her clients to be promoted to the national media, weaving in compelling stories that resonate with top media outlets. Her campaigns catalyze her clients into leaders of their respective fields. Susan also has over four decades representing non-profits, leading public companies and subject matter experts. Her firm’s campaigns are fresh, creative, tech savvy, and innovative, a cocktail that engenders powerful results. She co-founded Safed House, a non-profit, that provides a welcoming place for refugees and recent immigrants to share their stories.

Prior to founding her own PR firm, Susan was the publicist for PBS MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, She received a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from New York University, and obtained a Bachelor's Degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Topic: How you Communicate your Leadership


Monique Daigneault - Founder of MD Consulting. Monique Daigneault is a seasoned Human Resources professional who brings to the table over three decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. As an executive coach and dynamic facilitator, Monique is known for her directive, yet collaborative, approach to leader development. She has the unique ability to build immediate trust and quickly get leaders into alignment with their true values and desired direction. Monique has developed an enhanced intuition based on years of corporate lessons learned and, coupled with her strong listening skills, guides leaders to solve their core pain points, be more influential, and have a higher impact in their organizations. Leaders benefit from practical and behavioral changes that are sustainable and measurable. Monique coaches senior leaders who want to increase their executive influence so that they can lead by example and have a higher impact on their team and within their organization. She is committed to working with those who are technically superior but need to improve their soft skills.

Topic: 7 Behaviors That Put Your Leadership at Risk 



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