Global Chamber League of Extraordinaries

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Monday, February 18, 2019

We make warm introductions for our members so that it's easier to connect with the clients, partners and resources they need to grow more successfully across metros.

No one likes to enter a room full of people to fend for themselves. So we make it much, much easier. Like League of Extraordinaries (LoE). It's elevated business referrals for exporting, importing and foreign direct investment leaders.

'League of Extraordinaries' meetings assemble a dozen members at a time for morning coffee, mid-day lunch, or afternoon coffee/tea or wine.

Sometimes it's virtual, too... BYOB, bring your own!

All attendees are extraordinary leaders with a global mindset, in a global business, with global clients. Sometimes participants are in the same industry, or are business service providers with little or no competition between them, who are looking for comparable customers or partners.

It's all a carry-over to our overall strategy to generate more success for all our members. We aim to have all the global resources our members need to grow globally... and they tend to play well in the sandbox together, and support each other.

Like Nick Stanton of Safeguard Global, shown above. Nick is based in Austin and shared more about his firm's services, and in a recent virtual LoE meeting we had other amazing global service providers join and WOW - many of them are now working with each other and they all know each other.

So when Kevin Hull is speaking with one of his BMO Harris Bank clients, chances are pretty good he can refer Nick in if they have a need for global payroll or global mobility issues around the world.

Definitely check out this recent, 'virtual' League of Extraordinaries gathering here. It starts without an intro but that's Kevin Hull of BMO Harris Bank. We go around the table to share, question and build relationships.

You MUST be a member to participate.

When extraordinary people get together, extraordinary things happen, including new global growth!

Join the global tribe! Let me know if you'd like to learn more.

Doug Bruhnke



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