Tips for Global Project Management

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

We recorded a 60 minute globinar on youtube designed for business leaders, exporters and CEO's looking to expand their knowledge of Project Management on global projects. 

We spoke with top experts on finding the right projects, acquiring them through effective business development processes and successfully implementing them. Planning and organization of a company's resources are key when it comes to international project management.

Listen to the enlightening discussion HERE.

Global projects have a unique set of issues on top of the normal project management issues for our global tribe to consider. Our speakers...

  • Dr. Toby Malichi - Founder of the Malichi Group Worldwide

  • Brad Cartier - Project Director at Goldratt Consulting North America

  • Ragnar Schreier - Consultant & Project Manager at The GQI Group and Intellaquest

We also discussed the ever-important issue of how to get paid! That also can take a higher level of challenge when dealing globally! Dr. Malichi provided some excellent tips for you to consider.

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Speaker Biographies

Dr. Toby Malichi - Founding Chief Executive Officer and Global Business Diplomat at Malichi Group WorldwideDr. Malichi is a highly-acclaimed international speaker, trusted advisor, strategist, global project leader and deal facilitator. His sage advice and global business diplomacy expertise on trade is highly sought after by Multinational small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), private-sector global business leaders, government officials, and investment groups around the globe. Dr. Malichi is widely-regarded as the "Go-To-Guy" for "All Things Trade" by his contemporaries, including: U.S. Chamber of Commerce (former board member), and federally appointed by the U.S. Commerce Secretary spanning four White House Administrations at U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (Vice Chairman), Indiana District Export Council, USTR, and CIPE, the Center for International Private Enterprise (former executive board member). He is a former General Motors Corporation executive, earning the GM/Chevrolet Motor Division, coveted 'Leadership Ring.'

"Dr. Malichi you are such a great business person and moreover a great Ambassador for Indianapolis and Indiana. We appreciate you!"  ~ The Honorable James A. Schellinger, Indiana Secretary of Commerce.

Dr. Malichi  is a proud member of the Board of Advisors for Global Chamber (globally) and Global Chamber Indianapolis and he is a small-and-medium-sized enterprise (SME) noted expert on free trade agreements, trade-related policy issues, and navigating the "headwinds" across challenging international business sectors and cultures. Malichi Group Worldwide just started its 38th year and has accomplished trade work, navigated and unlocked profitable trade channels, and developed keen relationships at the highest of levels, in over 70 countries around the globe. Dr. Malichi's motto: Have a successful day and trade globally!

Topic: How Trade Realities Are Impacting Global Project Management And Deals


Brad Cartier - Project Director at Goldratt Consulting North America. Brad is a consulting and coaching professional who’s driven to help companies increase flow through their organizations. His expertise is using Theory of Constraints and Lean Thinking to improve flow in any organization. He has over 20 years’ experience working with multinational companies like 3M, Medtronic, Cray, BP, Army, Navy, Air Force, Boeing and P&G. Brad is known for proactive problem identification and resolution, and maximizing productivity, resulting in consistent increase in throughput and cost reduction. He has had continuous success aligning teams and management to bring projects in under time and budget. His experience in improving flow spans all over North America, Europe and Asia. Brad enjoys speaking and sharing ideas with leaders at all levels. He has presented at colleges across the Midwest, and national and international conferences. Originally from Minnesota, he is loving the weather and business culture in Arizona. 

Topic: Theory of Constraints for Global Project Management


Image result for Ragnar SchreierRagnar Schreier - Consultant & Project Manager at The GQI Group. Ragnar has been with the company over 10 years. Using his expertise in Management Systems, Ragnar consults for numerous world class leaders in industries such as Automotive, Military/Defense, Oil and Gas, Chemical, and Renewable Energy. As the lead Project Manager for GQI Software, Ragnar has facilitated ISOQuest/IntellaQuest deployments in many countries around the world and trained users across the management spectrum – from end users to the most senior levels of executive management. Ragnar comes to GQI with 20+ years of quality/manufacturing experience. With an extensive audit background, he is a subject matter expert in the area of ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949-IATF and ISO 14001 etc. As a former client of GQI and the project leader of his company’s ISOQuest/IntellaQuest implementation, he has worked closely with GQI for over 18 years and brings an excellent perspective of the challenge’s companies face when deploying new software. He provides a practical approach with real life examples to overcome such challenges and create opportunities for workflow optimization and waste elimination. Ragnar lives and works north of Toronto Ont. Canada where he attended Fleming College and has worked for several companies including most recently Apple Computer before joining The GQI Team.
Topic: Automation in Today’s Project Management Environment


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