Cross-Cultural Considerations for Business in Europe

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Thursday, February 28, 2019

We spoke with localization experts who shared communication tips and other ideas for doing business globally, and especially in Europe. Our goal was to learn from practitioners and experts who are growing companies along with helping businesses on cross-cultural issues.

Are you an executive at an exporter, importer & investment firm doing business in Europe? Check out the discussion on youtube HERE.

A clear message in doing business in other countries is to be humble, ask questions, be flexible in your thinking and be resilient... 'hard like water'. Included was a reference to some of the significant cross cultural books including by Fons Trompenaars. See the Designing IT website for tips on online communications.


  • Cyle Adair - Director of Business Development at InWhatLanguage

  • Florian Auckenthaler - Founder of Designing It

  • Janet Gruenenfelder - Gruenenfelder Consulting

Moderator: Doug Bruhnke, CEO/Founder of Global Chamber


Speaker Biographies

Cyle Adair - Director of Business Development at InWhatLanguageAfter spending years helping build and lead great organizations like Pinnacle Security, the United States Army, and Cintas, Cyle stepped into the role as Director of Sales for inWhatLangauge. inWhatLanguage is a language translation and technology company with the most advance translation management platform powered by their 5,000 translators across the globe. Cyle is passionate about two things. 1) Supporting people to reach their goals and dreams. 2) Helping companies communicate effectively in different languages to succeed in the global marketplace.

Topic: Communicating effectively in European markets 


Florian Auckenthaler - Founder of Designing It. Florian, a native of Austria, currently calls Charleston, SC his home, where fifteen years ago he founded, an international digital marketing agency. DesigningIT’s mission is to help clients grow their business and marketing ROI, at home and abroad. The firm was started in 2003. Currently the agency employs 20 full time specialists with locations in both Europe and the US. 

Topic: Digital Channels and Website Marketing in Europe


Janet Gruenenfelder - Founder of Gruenenfelder Consulting. Janet is a Global Business Specialist with a real passion for helping international companies setup and implement global policy or operations initiatives enabling movement of people or products around the globe. She has conducted research and surveys in collaboration with Marketing, Product Management and R&D to determine the feasibility of using PET granulates for the production of plastic water bottles later launched in the European market. Janet has also been responsible for set-up and implementation of a global mobility program enabling Swiss employees to relocate to other countries. This mobility initiative allowed for the movement of all levels of management to temporary locations throughout the world including Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. As part of her Product Management experience, she managed global chain inventory of plastic granulates such as cellulosic, PET and polypropolene, that were distributed to manufacturing companies producing plastic products for the European market and abroad. Also sold off-spec PET to traders throughout the European market.

Topic: The Cultural Experience on Working in Europe and Legal/Immigration Considerations



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