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Posted by: Global Chamber San Francisco on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We had an excellent turnout for our Launch Event for Global Chamber San Francisco at the Cooley offices in Palo Alto, California.

In addition to learning more about the Global Chamber® and making new friends and business connections, attendees also got to hear from Patrick Burt, the Mayor of Palo Alto, and industry thought leaders and visionaries including John Thomas, Richard Simpkins and Dr. BP Agrawal. The evening was a great success.

Thank you to our host Cooley and all of our partners, attendees, and supporters for an absolutely wonderful, inspiring, and memorable evening!

Global Chamber® San Francisco, which includes the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, continues to grow and support member growth within the region and far beyond. 

Join us for our next events March 12th and April 5th. More HERE.

"OneFine Corporation was thrilled to be a part of the Global Chamber® San Francisco (GCSF) launch. GCSF is the quick start guide for businesses and it's an energetic, connected, and quality organization and we look forward to our continued involvement and all the benefits it has to offer. They used a great platform to connect businesses, so connecting with others was smooth and just perfect."Ivana Gilgoric, Co-founder & CEO, OneFine Corporation

"It was truly an honor to be part of the Global Chamber® San Francisco opening. I knew that this would be an unique organization from the very first contact I had with Doug and Henry, and now, having seen the number of attendees, partners, and already scheduled activities, I'm sure of that. It was especially interesting to hear the presentations of the speakers on topics one could not expect to take place at such an occassion. I sincerely wish lots of success to the GCSF and hope that we will establish a long term collaboration on several levels." - Vasko Davidovski, Head of San Francisco and Los Angeles Office, Invest Macedonia

"I have been consistently impressed with the vision and practices of the Global Chamber® at both local and national levels. The proactive, member-centric experience I had moderating an international Globalization webinar panel they initiated was not only a success but has led to some significant business for us. Similarly, the recent Global Chamber San Francisco (Bay Area) launch was exceptional in terms of the both the program as well as the networking. Instead of just a big party, the new Executive Director conceived and produced a highly informative Sustainability seminar, led by experts and thought leaders. What an unique, enduring way to capture the best of global thought along with the dynamic activities of commerce." - Lucie Newcomb, CEO/CMO, The NewComm Global Group, Inc.

"Traditional business approach is to adapt existing products and technologies for the developing world. Another approach, more exciting, is to create local-tech industries and local products for billions. The chamber [Global Chamber] combines local-tech and global-tech." - Dr. BP Agrawal, CNN 2015 Top Ten Heroes of the Year, Executive Director of Sustainable Innovations

"The event was well attended. The room was filled with young leaders and global thinkers. Ville's and Veronica's enthusiasm, work ethic, and passion were evident from moment one. The Chamber strives to reside at the intersection of emerging and established leaders; nascent ideas and proven solutions; and for- and non-profit enterprises." - Nayna Agrawal, Writer's PA at ABC Television, Grey's Anatomy



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