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Posted by: Global Chamber Phoenix on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thank you regional and global members for your support!

We recently celebrated our 4th anniversary at the new offices of Spencer Fane with host Mike Patterson - who has been a strong supporter of Global Chamber® from DAY 1. Thank you, Mike!

We used our most recent anniversary as an opportunity to meet up with our global tribe and to check-in with many new opportunities. Our global tribe is busy in a good way... and open to new opportunities around the world.

Along the way have you seen video from our original launch at Phoenix City Hall?

Check it out HERE.

That's then Mayor Greg Stanton leading the way... now U.S. Representative Greg Stanton, taking Senator Kyrsten Sinema's House seat as she progressed to the Senate. Thank you both... and thank you to everyone in the global tribe!

At that time we launched Global Chamber... along with Global Chamber Phoenix, Global Chamber Tucson and Global Chamber Salt Lake City. And so in the 4+ years we've gone from 3 metro areas to 274, and we're growing to 525 metros... everywhere. Join us!




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