'GUAM' Wine-Making Excellence Across Borders

Posted by: Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington on Monday, March 11, 2019

Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington was pleased to collaborate with members across the region for a 'GUAM' wine and food event last week hosted by Clements Worldwide in Washington DC. That was fun and hopefully a little educational, too!

The four countries making up 'GUAM' have well-developed wine industries that might not yet be as well known as some others. We can attest to the tasting that these are world-class wines!

Special thanks to Clements Worldwide for hosting the event.

Also special thanks to members WCC International and the Association for Community Empowerment (ACE) Center for organizing.

Above, Brenda Harrington of Adaptive Leadership Strategies (center) helps kick things off.

About GUAM

GUAM is the regional organization including four countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova. First formed as an association of GUAM states in 1997, and later it was transformed into a regional international Organization for Democracy and Economic Development with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

As an organization GUAM cooperates with Japan, Poland, Czech Republic and the United States. Commerce, trade and transportation, as well as virtual law enforcement center are the primary areas for GUAM-USA framework cooperation.

About ACE

The Association for Community Empowerment, Inc. (ACE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empower community members and other stakeholders with knowledge and access to resources essential to fostering lasting cross-cultural connections between the United States and foreign nations through workshops, trainings, networking events, social, cultural and educational exchange programs.

More pictures below. Thank you everyone for the collaboration, attendance and mutual focus on building business across borders. 

About Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington

Global Chamber® is the world's ONLY chamber of commerce with hundreds of locations that is focused on helping executives grow their companies across borders in 525 metro areas, from A to Z, Aberdeen (MD) to Zagreb. We provide cross metro and cross border services for exporters, importers and investors that make the growth journey a little easier.

In addition, watch Brenda Harrington of Adaptive Leadership Strategies and Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington and other organizers on this youtube TV clip HERE summarizing the event. Thanks to everyone for pulling this excellent event together!



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