US Market Entry 2019 Meetings

Posted by: Roberto Ancis - CEO Professors on Sunday, March 24, 2019

A word of thanks to Global Chamber® for providing the Online Platform to Coaching Professors to host a 4-week e-Seminar℠ called U.S. Market Entry 2019. I am sure you noticed that I did not call our online series of four meetings, a ‘Webinar’. Having taught online international business, strategic business development and marketing courses on-ground for 37 years and online for over 25 years, I structured our U.S. Market Entry 2019 differently than the usual delivery practices implemented by most Webinars.

Our e-Seminar℠ consisted of four meetings, 1.5 hours each; with each meeting utilizing three aligned and synchronized delivery modalities:  

  1. A theoretical background of each topic of the e-Seminar℠, explaining business terminology, strategies and citing facts and research;
  2. A Socratic approach to the discussion, inviting participants to share about their company, their products and their thoughts on the topic being discussed; and
  3. The participation of experienced international consultants providing their points of view.

Our experienced participants included Marco Costa, Esq. (a most experienced international attorney), Isabella Cascianelli (creative designer and company owner); Flavia Burlinetto (hired by many U.S. companies to manufacture their products in Italy) and Michael Gilburd (a CPA, president of a business valuation company).

Our e-Seminars℠ are actually consultative meetings, providing a structured discussion for participants to realize the potential of their company and product lines, choosing from a tool box of innovative and proven business strategies presented at the e-Seminar℠

The important elements we strive for include a ‘fun’ experience, ‘solid’ business options, and a ‘supporting’ environment where each participant carefully listens and contributes to others.

By the way, great thanks to the ‘unsung’ technical hero of the four e-Seminar℠ meeting, Cesar Trabanco of Global Chamber®, who behind the scenes managed smooth events, and insured perfect communication throughout.

At Coaching Professors we were pleased to see the positive outcome of the four-week event format. If you were not a part of the wonderful group who attended, I have pasted below a one page summary with contents below. I will be glad to answer any questions you have on any of our e-Seminar℠ Programs, the U.S. Market Entry 2019 or any business question.

If you wish to keep some of the conversation private, we can do so by a one-on-one video conversation. Just let me know.

If you'd like to know more about future Business e-Seminar℠ meetings, you can let me know or just review them at

‘Prof.’ Roberto J. Ancis, CEO Professors




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Stan on April 6, 2019 at 1:58:06 pm said:
ARe any materials available in PDF format to glance at one/ some of the meetings over this 4-week course?

*** RESPONSE: We can connect you to Professor Ancis if you like.