Award-winning Innovation by 3 Global Chamber Members

Posted by: Mike Langley - Global Chamber Phoenix on Monday, March 25, 2019

Excellence in Innovation Award

WINNER: City of Surprise – AZ TechCelerator Global Concierge Services Program

The AZ TechCelerator, a city-owned West Valley business innovation center, offers international businesses a unique Global Concierge Services program, otherwise known as a “Soft Landing” program.

This program is intended to help international companies who want to expand into the U.S. market with less upfront costs and risks but with more support resources. In March 2018, the program was formally accepted into the Global Soft Landings Network by the International Business Incubation Association (lnBIA). It is now one of 31 members in more than eight countries with lnBIA Soft Landings designation.

Launching this program and achieving the formal designation at the AZ TechCelerator was both a competitive and an enormous accomplishment that will bring tremendous benefits to the West Valley, including elevated global branding, visibility, credibility, and opportunities to collaborate with lnBIA on international projects and grant proposals.

AZ TechCelerator has initiated several agreements with international companies, including: Glympt (Portugal), Excoro (Romania), Tellspec (Canada), Valtx (Canada), Meditar (Argentina), and MagOu (Taiwan). Global Chamber member Meditar leveraged the location to do a multi-million US$ deal with an Arizona based healthcare technology provider, another Global Chamber member GlobalMed telemedicine.

The Surprise AZ TechCelerator Global Concierge Program stands out, because it is a first-of-its-kind to directly connect global companies to the West Valley of metro Phoenix. The AZ TechCelerator itself has helped foster more than 500 West Valley jobs, and this innovative program stands to even further diversify the job growth in the West Valley in the long term. The Surprise Economic Development Department utilizes the strengths of their successful business incubation program to help remove costs, risks and obstacles to foreign-owned companies.

Congratulations Jeanine Jerkovic, Mayor Wolcott and the entire team at City of Surprise for your innovation and winning this award!

Pictured above include Jeanine Jerkovic, center left, City of Surprise Economic Development, and Mike Langley, center right, Global Chamber Phoenix.

Special thanks and congratulations to member GlobalMed for their continues support, collaboration and innovation. Here is more on their success in Argentina HERE.



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