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Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

That's Dr. Krystal K. Nerio, Chairwoman of Global Chamber® San Antonio, speaking at a joint event this month with San Antonio CIV. SACIVTX is one of over 90+ organizations across the U.S. that works with Global Ties U.S. and the U.S. State Department in managing the International Visitors Leadership Program, IVLP... read more here.

Special thanks to Christopher Herring, Executive Director, Global Chamber® San Antonio for his leadership in this area.

IVLP is a uniquely valuable initiative that supports our organization's efforts to create connections between leaders across borders. Organizers of IVLP select groups of leaders around the world with the help of U.S. embassies and bring them to the U.S. for 3 week visits, 1 week per metro area. The programs range from business, to sustainability, water programs, journalism and more. Another example... we're discussing investments in China and the U.S. with a group in to the U.S. from China later this month, here.

There are over 5000 visitors brought to the U.S. every year through the IVLP. Another example is a program that landed in Phoenix last week, and for that one, our law firm member Spencer Fane hosted a group of 29 journalists from 29 countries at their offices for a kickoff to the meetings in Arizona. See below for Mike Patterson of Spencer Fane, the attorney in the pink tie, kicking off the session. Global Chamber Phoenix was there! And the week was spent connecting those journalists to American journalists to discuss how each can be more effective. And beyond that, personal connections are made, and for sure, there are good people on all sides of this.

When connections are made between good people, great things happen. IVLP has the added benefit of transferring diplomatic positives, person to person, to and from every foreign visitor. It's called citizen diplomacy... making good things happen between people. And so through interactions like this, foreign visitors gain a better understanding of what Americans are really like. And Americans get an up close and personal view of people from around the world... reconfirming over and over that as much as we're different, we're the same.

We all want a roof over our heads, to provide for our families, to have our children grow up better than we did, to do well at work, to have a great dinner with our friends and family, to enjoy life with people, food, dance and more, and to live a good and fulfilling life in service both to our family and community, leaving the earth a little better than when we came. We're aligned in so many ways, and for the global tribe, these connections overcome differences in culture, religion, skin color and other superficial things. The global tribe is aligned on deeper connections.

Like through doing business across borders, the IVLP initiative also helps to overcome bad perceptions and even bad foreign and trade policies. Some visitors come with real or imagined perceptions that get changed because they meet real people in real situations. And that reality overrides anything they hear from their neighbors back home, or see on TV about a country as a whole. It becomes a direct, positive experience... much like why so many of us are involved with the global tribe... because it's fun, it's profitable and it makes the world a little better.

Get involved! Connect across borders! Make a difference in business and beyond. Ask us how. Be a member of the global tribe.

Pictured below, participants including Christopher Herring, Executive Director Global Chamber® San Antonio at the celebratory event in San Antonio on international business and visitors.

Then attorney Mike Patterson kicking things off with the group of journalists at Spencer Fane.

Then kicking off the group meeting by Global Ties Arizona under the shadow of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.

Then finally on the way to a group picture, Mike (right) with Alfredo Molina (center) of Molina Fine Jewelers are having some fun on the way.




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