Foreign Direct Investment Between China and the US

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Monday, April 29, 2019
Today we hosted visitors from China and with a group of regional leaders we discussed investment in the US and China. Special thanks to Todd Cornell of Cultur668 for greeting the participants and participating.
The business discussion had several themes. First there was a discussion of ethics in government and business in the United States regarding the underlying principles of transparency and accountability.
We shared similarities and differences in ethical standards between government and the private sector in the United States. We sought to address international efforts to strengthen the integrity of governments and businesses worldwide.
We noted the effect of transparency on trade, investments, and economic development - and the importance of lower trade barriers including tariffs. We also touched on the importance of social responsibility for companies investing abroad. 
Trade war? That's for politicians. Business people want fairness on all sides including intellectual property protection, and if the governments are going to get involved, have them be working on lowering the barriers to trade including tariffs and non-tariff issues.
The businesses on both sides are ready to keep making improvements to drive more investment both ways.
This Global Chamber event was done in collaboration with Global Ties Arizona, part of Global Ties US, which in coordination with the U.S. State Department brings 5-7000 international visitors every year. The International Visitors Leadership Program ("The IVLP") is a 70 year old program based on citizen diplomacy... bringing U.S. citizens into the diplomacy process by connecting them in the U.S. with leaders from all over the world.
We express our appreciation for the late Senator Richard Lugar for his support of the IVLP. The Senator was a lifelong advocate for trade, international visitors and the IVLP. He will be missed; his efforts made a difference.


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