Global Influencer Perspectives on the World of Business - May 1, 2019

Posted by: Abdelhak Benkerroum, Leila Aridi Afas and more on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

We asked key influencers in the global tribe from around the world to share their perspectives on global business markets RIGHT NOW.

Here's what they shared with us...

"Beyond the trade war and the negative news we're fed every day, China is and will remain a market full of opportunities. From healthcare to innovation to education to tourism, 1.4 billion consumers wake up every day and are ready to spend. Foreign businesses/people that align themselves with the orientations of the Chinese government stand to benefit greatly from that spending." - Abdelhak Benkerroum (阿道),

"The global trading system is undergoing a massive transformation.  While tales of trade wars dominate headlines, the bigger story is how markets can benefit from this disruption by carving out new roles in global value chains.  The ability to “leap frog” advanced economies enables emerging economies to rapidly adopt new technologies and plug into digital GVCs.  Considering that trade in services has grown 60% faster than trade in goods over the past decade, this is a high growth area." - Leila Aridi Afas, Toyota Motor NA

"The political and social events from past two years have been shaping the economy of the Latin American countries. Mexico and Brazil had presidential elections, both countries have elected candidates with very strong country protectionist views. In Mexico the North American Free Trade Agreement is likely to be ratified in the U.S. Congress next year, which will be viewed favorably by global investors and will be a positive for the Mexican economy. Also, markets have reacted very favorably to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s victory as evidenced by the Bovespa index rising on the Brazilian sovereign bond narrowing." - Indira Jeffrey, iGlobalGC

"There is high confidence among the top leaders of the Canton Fair on the health of the US economy that in turn translates into the health of the Chinese economy and that a resolution of the trade dispute is highly anticipated" - Vlady Cornateanu, Sino America Business Development Company

"One of the big mistakes that companies make when considering Asia is that they assume that business is done the same as it is at home. When entering a new market it’s imperative to do your research and talk to businesses already operating in the target market. Each country in Asia is unique and has it’s own ways of doing things. Japan, for example which Asia Market Makers specialises in is very unique in the way it does business. Developing trust and relationships are paramount to success in Japan." - Kirsty Wilkinson, Asia Market Makers 

"A few of the hot segments I’m watching: Fintech, aerospace and subsegments space/satellites, sensors, autonomous vehicles, and of course cybersecurity. Jurisdictions like Arizona, the UAE, UK and others are passing “safe harbor”, “sandbox” laws which give a company developing a new Fintech or “proptech” (real estate “property” “app” or technology) a freedom from certain expensive regulatory compliance for a 1 or 2 year period so that they can accelerate development. The US’ Qualified Opportunity Zone legislation with its 3-fold huge tax deferment incentives is causing tremendous investment and creation of QOZ funds to invest in underutilized properties in the US which sounds like real estate but has captured the attention of many technology companies in their development plans. It’s not just about technology -- talent, talent, talent, workforce, labor pool – despite the political noise, trade wars and tariffs, there is incredible worldwide competition to show (ex. $10MM investment in “PipelineAZ”) that a jurisdiction has the engineers, technicians, work force to develop a product – and not just “cost” but are they “available” and have the talent necessary. Despite the battles on USMCA, EXIM, tariffs, trade wars, North America is inextricably connected for making things together and with Mexico predicted to become the world’s fifth largest economy in the next 2 decades, finally ethnocentric views shifting more and more to North America as a region, Americas (including South and Central) as a region. Responding to tariff concerns, clients diversifying their legal structures in Canada (to deal with Canada EU agreement trade diversion), UK – EU (both sides to deal with Brexit risk), Hong Kong/Singapore/Korea/Japan as well as China. Distribution: Clients focusing on better agreements, using intermediaries for holding IP, product registrations, regulatory rights so that the distributor does not have that leverage and so that they do not incur tax presence, labor presence, legal presence." - Mike Patterson, Spencer Fane LLP

“Business is Simple! Succeeding in business is as simple as putting together a 24-piece-puzzle. With my proprietary BOSS framework anyone can a become SuperEntrepreneur - a hero who can solve any business puzzles.” - Marco Robert, International Speaker & Influencer


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