Discussion on International Tax by Trowbridge and CKR Law

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Thursday, May 2, 2019

This globinar is for business leaders looking to gain knowledge on international tax for corporations with global operations, including individual expats earning wages abroad. 

We spoke with two tax experts that every day help navigate leaders through a variety of important tax topics for their businesses.

Our speakers were Dean Morris, Senior Transfer Pricing Advisor at Trowbridge and Christopher Klug, Partner at CKR Law.

We encourage you to watch the discussion HERE.

Some additional background on transfer tax law changes is shown here on the Trowbridge website.

“In the tax context, ‘transfer pricing’ refers to the prices, and other terms and conditions used in transactions occurring across international borders by persons who are not dealing at arm’s length. These transactions may involve the intra-group purchase or sale of goods, services or intangibles. They may also involve the provision of intra-group financing or loan guarantees.”  – Budget 2019

Listen for more at the link above. And here are our speakers, with links to their companies. Contact us if you need any help in contacting them for additional clarification and information.

Dean Morris - Senior Transfer Pricing Advisor at Trowbridge - As an economist with over 20 years of transfer pricing experience, Dean has developed and implemented a wide variety of economic analysis in the support for arm’s length determinations.
Dean advises clients on a variety of transfer pricing matters involving compliance, planning, and controversy engagements encompassing various industries including agriculture, automotive, chemical, clothing, construction, consulting, consumer electronic goods, education, energy, food service, health products, multi-level marketing, pharmaceutical, publishing, seafood, software, steel, telecommunications and resource exploration. Dean’s education includes an undergraduate degree in honors economics from the University of Waterloo and a masters of business administration degree from McMaster University. Dean developed the international finance course for Mohawk College’s post graduate international business program and taught the course for the first two years. Dean has spoken at numerous conferences and has written numerous articles on transfer pricing, and is co-author of the chapter on Canadian Transfer Pricing for Kluwer/CCH Guide to International Transfer Pricing.

Christopher Klug - Partner at CKR Law - Christopher advises clients on US taxation of foreign partnerships and foreign corporations, including hybrid entities, of large foreign holding companies with multiple foreign subsidiaries. He also provides US tax information statements to US owners of foreign holding companies by making US tax adjustments to the financial statements of the subsidiary entities and the holding companies, which are reported under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or International Financial Reporting Standards. Advise as to taxation of formation, operations, nonliquidating distributions, and liquidating distributions of corporations and partnerships. Work with clients with compliance challenges associated with long term non-filing of US tax returns and financial reports by US citizens living abroad. Advise individuals in the US working for International Organizations and Foreign Governments as to their US tax compliance requirements. Work with US citizens, dual citizens, and international clients with US income and estate tax planning. Christopher is Co-author for a series of articles published through Global Tax Weekly (Wolters Kluwer, CCH) on United States Tax Compliance and Planning for US Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Investors Living Outside the US. Licensed: District of Columbia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Maryland, and Virginia.



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