Information Technology Member Based in Mexico Gains U.S. Client

Posted by: Cesar Trabanco on Monday, May 6, 2019

RO Solutions, a software development company based in Hermosillo, México joined the Global Chamber® to grow their business. CEO Arturo Herrera became involved in activities on both sides of the border including meeting up with global tribe members in Phoenix and Tucson chapters.

Arturo took the time to have a low investment table at the Global Chamber® Tucson Grow Globally Fair, and they decided to participate with their recently formed U.S. entity Necodex.

Arturo and the team had an exhibition table where they promoted their software development and nearshoring services. There they met Maher Pedersoli, a business development manager at Nexavix, Inc. Maher showed interest in their nearshoring offer and started a conversation.

Less than two weeks later, RO Solutions started working on a web project with one of Nexavix’ clients in the Bay Area nearby San Francisco, California.

“This opportunity has opened doors to continue working with Maher and Nexavix,” said Arturo Herrera, CEO of RO Solutions. “More to come!” 

Global Chamber® creates opportunities for members to connect with new clients, partners and resources, usually through warm introductions, which accelerate the process. In this case it took only 2 weeks for the project to start. Wow!

They're not all THAT FAST, but it can definitely happen that quickly!

Congratulations RO Solutions, their U.S. entity Necodex and their client Nexavix.

Learn more about Necodex HERE and feel free to connect with Arturo Herrara on Linkedin.



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