New Global Opportunities and Global Chamber Burkina Faso

Posted by: Tanya Toure - Global Chamber Ouagadougou on Monday, June 10, 2019

Last week we heard from members of Global Chamber® in every corner of the globe discussing new, 'hot' opportunities for business and investment right now. 

We participated from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso... and we shared intriguing opportunities here in Western and Northern Africa.

Concurrently we also held our first Advisory Board meeting for Global Chamber® Ouagadougou, pictured. Thank you, team!

Listen to the globinar here.

The speakers shared opportunities primarily happening now in China, Africa, Europe, Eurasia. We also heard about the cannabis market... an approximately US$11 billion market today, and expected to be nearly US$150 million within 5 years.

Our speakers:

  • Abdelhak Benkerroum - Founder and Director of Eastheimer Training and Consulting/ Discussion on Asia with focus on "The Next China"

  • Tanya Touré - Executive Director Global Chamber Burkina Faso / Discussion on Africa with focus on Solar Energy. Agribusiness and Payment Solutions

  • Sean Hull - Co-Founder of Mundae Consulting / Discussion on Europe with focus on Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Elshan Baloghlanov - Managing Director at WCC International / Discussion on the Caspian Sea Region with focus on Food/Beverage and Agriculture

  • Scott Ziekewicz - Director at Helix TCS / Discussion on North America with focus on the Cannabis Market

Global Chamber® holds these updates regularly. Watch for more!

Global Chamber Burkina Faso



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