President Vicente Fox Returned to Speak in Denver

Posted by: Jeffrey Campos - Global Chamber Denver on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Global Chamber® Denver collaborated with Metro State University and Colorado Business Council as they hosted President Vicente Fox at MSU campus last week. President Fox returned to Denver for a discussion on his ongoing relationship with MSU and the City of Denver. President Janine Davidson hosted the discussion with President Vicente Fox at the luncheon at MSU. 

Mr. Vincente Fox was the 55th President of Mexico. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Coca Cola's Latin American operations. Additionally, Mr. Fox is the Founder of Centro Fox, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to serving communities in Mexico and Latin America, and he is recognized as a respected advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis throughout Latin America. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of a leading U.S.-based cannabis publication advocating legalization, as well as on the Board of Directors of Khiron Life Sciences, a leading, vertically integrated Latin American cannabis producer.

Earlier this year it was announced that President Fox joined the Board of member company Helix TCS. Read more HERE about his collaboration there. Helix TCS provides critical infrastructure services to legal cannabis businesses including cannabis tracking technology, dispensary point of sale software, wholesale marketplaces, digital, and physical security services.

Regarding these business opportunities, President Fox noted, "A new industry is being born, with high ethical standards, attracting massive investment in medical and health products, bringing economic growth and jobs to communities and nations. I am proud to be part of it."

Pictured... President Fox with Jeffrey Campos, Executive Director of Global Chamber® Denver during this most recent visit. We previously hosted President in Denver in 2017.

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