12 HOT Market Opportunities to Consider 2019

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Sunday, June 30, 2019

It's the thrill of a lifetime to work every day with the global tribe, leaders all over the world making business happen across metros and borders. Our members are truly global and UNSTOPPABLE! 

Global Chamber® members are not slaves to history - they're creating history... looking to the needs of the market, present and future.

They do what's right in their target markets because people decide on which products and services are winners and losers, not bureaucrats. Governments can adjust some of the dials to slow down progress, but ultimately people rule. We encourage business leaders worldwide to continually educate your government on the value of economic development, and what you need to grow your business. We've seen a tremendous improvement with governments worldwide in this area from 5 or more years ago. More progress is needed!

Fortunately our global tribe are not shy... they're willing to tell their regional governments how they can help. And so for example it's not a question of if USMCA gets implemented between Mexico, Canada and the U.S., it's when. Because businesses on every side of the border want trade and want to make it easier and easier. It'll happen sooner than later because businesses are tied in and applying the appropriate pressure to make it happen. The EU-Mercosur trade deal announced this weekend is another example of more trade coming between the EU and Latin America.

When regional governments and quasi-government agencies understand global trade... it's magical. For instance we LOVE working with nearly all cities because they're so pragmatic and action oriented. Like in metro Phoenix, the City of Scottsdale, Surprise and Peoria... all outstanding including Mayors and economic development!

State groups can be amazing, too... like the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, wow! They are active all over the world and are one of the best at that level that we know. At the country level, groups like MIDA - Malaysian Investment Development Agency know their strengths and discuss and support companies in a super-professional way, every time. Always impressive, and a great member and collaborator.

Trade can NOT be stopped! Business people are just too creative in matching up products and services with peoples' needs. And technology is helping to accelerate the progress. Supporting groups that collaborate with us help to create more opportunities. We love it!

Opportunities abound everywhere, and here are 12 HOT ONES that our members are working on right now and that I shared as part of a more detailed presentation last week at the 2019 Intertel Annual General Assembly.

These opportunities have been falling out of Global Chamber® quarterly globinars on the topic. Catch the next one 3Q19 to stay up-to-date.

Contact me for more information.

1) Fintech. These markets are growing over 20% per year and will be US$450 billion by 2025. This includes payments, money transfers, blockchain, cryptography and more. The death of bitcoin didn't quite happen, did it? And that's not just a token example, pun intended.

2) Driverless Vehicles. Growing to US$575 billion in 2025. Most of the opportunity is in driverless cars (US$500 billion), but this also includes driverless trucks and drones... the latter a market that includes logistics applications that is growing over 45% per year.

3) Cannabis. Despite still being illegal in most places, this is changing rapidly in the U.S. and around the world. The market per member Helix TCS is approximately US$10 billion today growing to US$150 billion around 2025... including edibles, supply chain technology and more.

4) Product Sharing. From Uber and Lyft with transportation, to AirBNB with lodging, to 'rental' clothes and more... these are all being facilitated by technology and changing consumer needs. The market is well over US$10 billion today and growing everywhere.

5) Water. The packaged water business will be approaching US$500 billion in 2025 and includes the processes to create clean water including filtration systems and technologies, like member Zero Mass Water... creating water from the air, powered by the sun.

6) Food. Agricultural methods are changing rapidly. In a recent Global Chamber® globinar, we heard how drones send back information to farmers to determine watering and fertilization guidance, and provide early warning for crop diseases. Technology is changing food, too... from the creation of meatless meat, to the use of insects, to a variety of health and organic foods that are evolving all around us.

7) Energy. From clean energy and improved energy management, technology is again changing everything and driving change from carbon-based fuel sources to cleaner and more efficient energy. The rates of adoption are different worldwide but the trend is in place.

8) Climate Change. Again it's not a question of if for a new green deal in the US, it's when. As with other regions around the world, science can not be denied, and action is required to protect cities and populations vulnerable to ever-stronger storms and rising water levels. This brings opportunities in energy, and also for building new cities in the future that are more resilient to climate change effects.

9) Infrastructure. Whether it's infrastructure related to climate change or simply regional needs for roads, ports, water systems, sewer systems, subways, training, bridges, tunnels, pipelines and more that connect our world and create movement and progress within and across regions.

10) Data. From the US1 billion dollar datacenter announced by Facebook in Singapore recently to the US1 billion datacenter announced last week in metro Phoenix, Arizona, data management and consumer/business compliance will continue to be a huge opportunity around the world.

11) Healthcare. People are living longer, and so they need to be taking care of for a longer time. Communities around the world are increasingly taking care of people with disabilities in more humane ways. And healthcare is coming to rural areas via hospitals and telemedicine.

12) Productivity. We all are getting busier and busier, and so productivity must keep improving in every aspect of our lives and in business. Artificial intelligence and machine learning both are playing key roles in that, as technology changes and assists even more in the future.

The world is changing, and to those in the global tribe who adjust... endless opportunities exist!

Let's continue to work together to make these transformations.

Change can be scary to some, and profitable to others.

Doug Bruhnke - founder/CEO, Global Chamber®



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