App-lication Innovation for More App-lause and App-reciation

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

"There's an app for that!".

Applications are essential for many global businesses to stand out. There are over 2 million applications in the Apple Store today. However, it's easy to spend lots of time and money and sometimes get a dud because there is so much competition out there.

Innovation is required for businesses to keep costs under control and breakthrough in different industries.

Click HERE to watch this Globinar featuring Lance Vaughn, Mobile Innovation Studio Director at iTexico to learn how to innovate and breakthrough with your new app without breaking the bank.

During the webinar, Lance talks about 7 key observations to help companies set the stage for being innovative through mobile applications and also shares a variety of resources to keep you thinking and moving forward. Check it out!

Key observations/problems/inspirations in the order that they were presented:

7) Problem 7: You're not rugged (anti-fragile). Solution 7: Be rugged!

6) Problem 6: You're not creating delight. Solution 6: Re-imagine your app.

5) Problem 5: You're not being scientific. Solution 5: Learn from experimentation.

4) Problem 4: Your app isn't useful. Solution 4: Embrace Design Thinking.

3) Problem 3: You're not innovating. Solution 3: Innovate!

2) Problem 2: Your team is holding you back. Solution 2: Embrace Product Thinking.

1) Problem 1: Your app isn't human (enough). Solution 1: Humanize your app!

Enjoy the discussion, Q&A and the suggested readings!

Elevate your approach!

Contact Lance or e-mail info@globalchamber.


Lance Vaughn - Mobile Innovation Studio Director at iTexico

Lance is an award-winning tech executive with 25+ years of software design, development and delivery experience. Lance wrote his first line of code in '82 and launched his first web app in '95 while working at the Rapid Application Development Center for Cap Gemini Sogeti. Lance has directed the product development efforts of hundreds of products in his career. His empathetic approach places the client first and provides them with maximum visibility and control of their product development efforts.


iTexico brings innovation to transform businesses through solutions for Mobile, Web, Cloud, and AI. The firm based in Austin, Texas does this by providing end-to-end design and software development services in a Nearshore delivery model. The firm was founded in 2010 and in addition to its headquarters in Austin, Texas, it maintains a regional US office in Silicon Valley, with wholly-owned delivery centers in Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, and Cancún, México.



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