Section 301, List 4 Update in the US-China Trade War: Tariffs September 1, 2019

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Sunday, August 4, 2019

On August 1, the administrative branch of the U.S. government through a twitter communication announced that the U.S. will impose a 10% tariff on US$300 billion worth of products from China beginning September 1st.

This tariff will be on the so-called 'List 4' of Section 301 products and will be in addition to those already imposed for list 1, list 2 and list 3 of Section 301 on US$250 billion worth of Chinese products entering the U.S.

Several of our members have ready access to these lists, and so if you have any questions or are wondering how to best prepare and react, please let us know. Coincidentally I spoke with one of the true experts on Sections 232 and 301 tariffs late last week, Melissa Proctor of Miller Proctor Law. Melissa is deeply involved with helping her clients navigate the tariff terrain, and I strongly recommend contacting her.

Also Melissa's firm updated the recent summer history of Section 232 and 301 tariffs leading up to this latest announcement, and you can review that HERE on the Miller Proctor website.

Time will tell if the U.S. Government will launch an exclusion process for List 4. A process was launched for List 3 once the tariff rate was increased from 10% to 25%.

Also we don't know if there will be changes to the tariffs following a public comment process. View List 4 or contact Melissa, or Global Chamber®.

Wondering how to best navigate the Section 301 process, or to see the other lists? Read more HERE from the USTR.

Don't let the continued chaos get you down! Persevere and find opportunities between the challenges. The global tribe is here to help.

Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber®


ps... Regarding Section 301, List 3.

The USTR released List 3 of Section 301 last year, containing items coming from China to the US incuring a 25% tariff.

The HTS codes of these items start at 0203.29.20 and end at 9706.00.00... a vast number of items. 
No process was established by the USTR to request a product Exclusion or Exemption... until now. Click HERE. The deadline for requesting a product Exclusion ends September 30, 2019.


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