New Business Opportunities in India

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber on Friday, August 30, 2019

We heard from Global Chamber® members and leaders in India about the current opportunities in the 2nd most populated country in the world. These business experts discussed the hottest opportunities for business and investment in India RIGHT NOW.

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What are the current opportunities? What are the risks and challenges? How can you grow your business in India? What are the important considerations to bear in mind? 

Topics included... Healthcare, Technology, Services, Industrial, Sourcing and more.

It's getting easier to do business in India, too! In 2018 the country of India moved up 23 spaces from 100th to 77th easiest country to do business. Things are headed in the right direction!

Other points included...

  • Good progress by the Modi government to make progress with business
  • Bureaucracy and tariffs are in general decreasing
  • Digital India is a major trend... it's increasingly possible to pay by smart phone
  • The food and agriculture businesses are becoming more and more sophisticated
  • Education and healthcare are big businesses
  • Investment opportunities for hospitals and clinics are plentiful
  • Infrastructure projects are pulling the country together
  • Marketing to the diverse country (language, religion and more) is possible but takes an expert

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  • Aparna Ranadive -  Executive Director Global Chamber Mumbai

  • Dr. Jagat Shah - Founder/CEO of Global Network India and Vibrant Markets
  • Vinay Kulkarni - Founder & CEO at ALCHMI

  • Prabhakara Boghavalli - CEO of HIH Inc. 


Aparna P. Ranadive - Executive Director Global Chamber Mumbai. Aparna is a socially conscious HR professional with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, and has a desire to make a difference to the Organization, People and Society. Her experience in the field of HR, spans 25 years. She is a microbiologist by basic qualification and an alumnus of NMIMS, where she completed her Masters degree in HRM. Aparna has contributed to HR in varied industry sectors such as Retail, Media and Entertainment, Financial Services & Consulting, Investment Banking, Telecom, Engineering & Manufacturing etc & held senior & leadership positions in many. Aparna has contributed to the overall strategy and growth of organisations by Partnering with business, taking initiatives and spearheading interventions that would enable people growth and thus the business to grow. She is well practiced in consultative engagement with senior leaders on people development interventions, change management, talent management, learning and organisation development, employer branding, campus recruitment and process improvement.

Aparna’s entrepreneurial journey began with the formation of “Practical Magic Advisory Services & Solutions”, as a boutique Strategic Leadership & HR Consulting practice, as Founder & CEO.  The offerings include Start Up Advisory, Executive Search, Managerial & Leadership Excellence Training, Coaching & Counselling of CXOs, Talent Engagement.

As an Associate member of the Indian Ex Defence Service Employees Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Aparna is also working towards building a bridge between companies and the Armed Forces to help both parties find value in the other. She also has a keen interest in the subject of CSR & Sustainability. 

Dr. Jagat Shah - Founder/CEO of Global Network India and Vibrant Markets. Jagat Shah studied for MBA (International trade) graduating from Delhi University & is a certified cluster development practitioner, trained & certified by United Natins - UNIDO at Turin, Italy. He has additionally graduated in Diamond technology from Indian Diamond Institute (IDI), Surat. He is a certified management consultant (CMC) from ICMCI, USA. In last 23 years of his career, he has worked on international market & investment strategies with Indian, American, Canadian & European companies & governments.  Through his ISO certified economic development agency, he has worked with cluster development approach on Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) competitiveness & poverty elimination with several governments & private sector in 20 countries -  India, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, UAE, Oman, Ras Al Khaimah, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia besides several states in India. He contributes to these efforts from his head office at Ahmedabad in Gujarat - India. He is the Foreign representative of Government of Manitoba, Canada in India for trade & investment since last seven years.

Vinay Kulkarni - CEO of Alchmia firm based in Bengaluru, India and serving the US and India markets. ALCHMI specializes in developing and implementing growth strategies for small and medium sized organizations with unique products and services. ALCHMI uses customized content to help organizations to connect with their target audiences through carefully designed websites, social media pages, videos and other platforms. Vinay has an MBA in Strategy and Marketing as well as Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arizona. Vinay has more than 15 years of executive experience in Management consulting, Strategy development and Marketing.


Prabhakara Boghavalli - CEO of HIH Inc. Prabhakara Bhogavalli, graduated from LOYOLA CHENNAI, an Ivy League type college in India. Later obtained an additional bachelors’ degree in Law from the Andhra University. Has been a entrepreneur for life. He founded and ran one of India’s first BPO’s since 1998. Worked with satisfied clients in all four major English speaking countries of the world, viz USA, UK, Australia and Singapore. Was a former President of the IT Association and a former Vice Chairman of The Indo American Chamber of commerce. Currently heads HIH Inc, a medical billing as well as healthcare and IT staffing co functioning in the St Louis area. Looking to help overseas pharmacy companies complete clinical trails of new approved drugs. India has a large a patient pool, that can be banked upon for the needed new patient types. The identification, treatment and documentation of the trials are way cheaper and quicker in India.




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