Monthly League of Extraordinaries Grows Business Referrals

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Saturday, August 31, 2019

'League of Extraordinaries' (LoE) meetings assemble 12-15 members at a time for morning coffee, mid-day lunch, or afternoon coffee/tea or wine. And they are virtual as well... with members who are service providers across metros sharing about each other and who they work with.

This is another way that members utilize our unique global platform to grow their business.

In LoE meetings we share more about each other, and that leads to further warm conversations and warm introductions for our members so that it's easier to connect with the clients, partners and resources they need to grow more successfully across metros.

We make building your business referral network easier. No one like to try finding a needle in a haystack in a networking event. An LoE is a pile of needles on the table... all ready like you to connect and grow. Through these techniques we make it much, much easier to gain business referrals for exporting, importing and foreign direct investment leaders.

All attendees at LoE meetings are extraordinary leaders with a global mindset, in a global business, with global clients. Sometimes participants are in the same industry, or are business service providers with little or no competition between them.

Like Susan Shultz (SSA Executive Search) and Joe Bockerstette (Business Enterprise Mapping) shown at our FIRST LoE above... even before the founding of Global Chamber.  They are still members... and occasional participants in subsequent LoEs.

These are done regionally AND virtually. A recent virtual example included Leighton Weston of Creditsafe. Leighton is based is based in the Western US, and Creditsafe has their US headquarters in Allentown, PA - with global headquarters in the U.K. He recently participated to share more about Creditsafe and also learn more about other members, growing globally. You MUST be a member to participate. 

When extraordinary people get together, extraordinary things happen, including global growth!

Join the global tribe! Attend our regular LoE meetings.... the next one September 19th... and ongoing. We also feature regular "HOT Global Business Opportunities" and others to keep globies up-to-date with what's happening right now around the world.

Let us know if you'd like to learn more.

Doug Bruhnke, founder/CEO



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